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Pokemon Snap 2 totally needs to be a thing.

Pokemaniac- YES. I'd love to play AA Investigations 2. I think the first one was one of my favorite of the entire AA series. (Although I also don't think Apollo Justice was really *that* big a misstep, and was actually pretty clever & fun with the "game" part in the final trial (you know, "Just repeat to yourself, 'It's just a game- I should really just relax.'").)

alterego- Yes to this too!! Although I've got to admit, I didn't even finish Suiko 5 (the final dungeon was kinda tough I guess), and I stopped with my replay of Suiko 2 around the first visit to Greenhill. I'd honestly love it if they made it with the same tech-stuff as in Tierkris, except in the main Suiko world + more Suiko gameplay & story elements, - terrible terrible VA and characterization.

Pokemaniac again- Pokeman Snap 2? Seriously? Nooo! I got the original for a birthday present. It *was* fun, but way too short. I would only consider playing a sequel if (i) it cost $10-12 on WiiWare AND (ii) I were somehow brought to care about Pokemon again. Seriously, if Nintendo announced a second Pokemon Snap, I'd just be upset they spent time & resources developing it. I'd take another Wind Wake derivative on DS over Pokeman Snap 2, I mean it.
RMN sex symbol
Tau, I've known about a Chrono Trigger Resurrection for a while but I've never seen that video before. That is amazing.
I'm actually surprised you guys seem new to the footage. Thought it was old news for anyone who was actually following or had knowledge of the game. It still looks pretty good. I understand it's copyright infringement and all, but it just seems funny to cease-and-desist a project, and meanwhile not do anything new with the franchise for over 10 years.

Oh.. A good Star Ocean game to follow up the second.
I'd love to see a Fullmetal Alchemist game that is actually done right :|
The GBA games ALMOST got it right, almost but had so many alarming rsafafds and never was in English. The later ones would be either be a.) Repetitive (ps2 games) b.) horrible (Dual Sympathy) c.) totally not FMA-y (Prince of Dawn and Princess of Dusk for the Wii). There's something funny that the trading card game actually was interesting and fun!

if squallbutts was a misao category i'd win every damn year
If I want a game to be made I shall make it myself

/me is shot
Capcom vs Arc System Works - The fighting game to end all fighting games.
Mana Khemia 3 - I don't care much about the recent Atelier titles, but I'd like another Mana Khemia title
Suikoden VI - Seriously.

...and Final Fantasy Versus XIII just needs to be released already.

Suikoden VI - As long as it's set in the proper Suikoden world. I don't care the timeline or place so much as I care it's set in that world. (And not like #4)
Breath of Fire VI - Please?
Lufia - in the vein of Lufia II, with the puzzles and what not.
Terranigma - Needs another good sequel. Please?
Alundra - A sequel that isn't Alundra II.
man, you people and your goddamn sequels...

how about we get a company to make inspired games based on original concepts? that would be sweet. not that this doesn't happen.
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
I want a diablo 2 clone but set in the star wars universe
well at least there's a WoW clone set in the star wars universe
well at least there's a WoW clone set in the star wars universe

i'm actually kinda looking forward to this, if for no other reason than to appeal to my inner pre-teen dork.
I want a diablo 2 clone but set in the star wars universe

This sounds genius. :)

I played Star Wars Universe? the MMO alittle too late and it was already down the shitter, so something like kentona said is what I would want made.
I want a graphic adventure type game set in the Star Wars universe(see below for amazing mock up). LucasArts made so many of them, even using Indiana Jones, but they left out their best series T.T

BTW Star Wars fans, check this out!
@Link_2112- Oh wow, that's really awesome!

I really enjoyed Yoda Stories when I was younger, I guess that could be seen as a type of Diablo 2, or similar to the graphics adventure type.

but enough star wars talk. :P
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