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This patch adds BetterAEP to an existing RPG_RT.exe file (use Hyper Patcher 2 to apply).
better aep is a RPG_RT.exe, but if you have the project patched with dynrpg?
there is no way of add better aep patching to a another RPG_RT.exe with dynrpg?

It's patchable with dynrpg (unlike Turn Based RT). I have a prepatched version (well, it's also patched with my icon too).

HyperPatcher2 is a non-option for me because I can't read german, and it seemed to be telling me what other things had told me, that I didn't have a normal RTP (before the betterAEP).

So yes, if you can't use HyperPatcher, you can just replace and repatch. Of course, you'll need to repatch fonts and exfonts, and make any of your other changes.
Hmm, Hyper Patcher has a pretty good product description to tell you what every German word in English means. Besides that it might be just the fact that I can read Geman =p.

Anyways, for the people wondering how you could use this in game: I just finished my save system using this patch.

Since I only use three person parties I've setup the first character in the party to be a kind of info dump. The patch saves the data of this first actor in actor number 99. Through this I could build this little information menu which holded save stats:

- Hero 99 saves hero 1 name.
- Variable 3353 stores hero level.
- Variable 3354 stores hero hp.

In this menu I use these information containers to store the following data:

- Hero 1 name value 1 - 9 (or a - i, whatever I would like) to store hero number 1.
- Variable 3353 to store hero 2 and 3.
- Variable 3354 to store playtime (hero 1 hp - 9999, add var game hours * 100 + game minutes)

I'll have to find a way to use this... (I already use variables 3350-3354 in a program that keeps track of weapon levels). I can at least use the customized save menu. Thank you for your programming expertise, Cherry.

I really like Trujin's idea as well, although my game uses 4 party members out of 32 possible... will have to see if I can do anything about that.

Is the original BetterAEP distributed as an RPG_RT.exe because BetterAEP works best when it's the first patch applied to RPG_RT.exe?
No, this only has historical reasons.
You can get it as HPA file (among other patches) here: http://share.cherrytree.at/showfile-1857/2k3multi.hpa
Even newspapers have those nowadays.
1. Wouldn't it be better as DynRPG plugin?
2. Can you make it so that instead of calling save menu, you'd need to turn specific switch on (it'll be turned off afterwards)? This will help solve menu problem.

Why it is problem? Because in games where player is supposed to be able to save anywhere, it is.

For actual save menu hook, additional variable will be used to store common event id that is used to do saving (presumably opening custom save menu and then saving).
Question 1: You can't do it as DynRPG plugin at the moment (except for having the plugin apply the patch in memory)

I am not exactly sure what you want at question 2...

But there is an additional patch:

A little improvement, if somebody wants it:

If you additonally apply this IPS patch, the "Save" command in the default menu does something different: It sets switch 1005 to ON and closes the menu. With this feature, you can then open your own (save) menu.

If you drag the patched RPG_RT onto this program, you can change the switch ID from 1005 to something else.
Hi Cherry,

I have an important question about these patches. Will they work with save files that we've already created with the default save/load system?

Thank you again,
Of course, since it's just a wrapper around the default save/load system.
Can someone help me with something different here?

Okay, I have a fairly finished game, and a Game Plus. I fixed it up so you can begin from the start and using KazString it will check for the contents of a file called "dynstore.txt" which if it has GamePlus in it, will start the new game sequences.

(I can also simply Load, which works alot better)

This is all great except when I start the game, I think the only stuff I get is stuff I collect again. Rather than revamping the entire system, is there way to save to a specific state (I think I'd do savestate variable = 0), and load from that? As in, I want the normal load/save option, but the ability to access specific files as needed. Something like a comment interface, that saves and loads using save 0.

(if there is no savestate to load, it does nothing)

I need some way of having it load what's in the Load file (I saved it to Save 2).

i just have to say, that looks pretty awful. the bg image looks 'dirty' and it's difficult to read the bright colored text. which is all over the place. green blue pink? what were you thinking?
Shush. There's no accounting for taste (really, there isn't, and here's proof). The reason the color scheme is like that is that the original cursor was green. So (I don't see what you mean about blue, there's only grey/black/white and the others) when I made a new game plus, there was a thematic shift and the cursor changed. It could also have matched the BG but I found it didn't stand out and was (more) difficult to read. So, yea, I may make it match the cursor.

Can someone help with a very simple tutorial? I got how to save/load but not how to set up a custom load/save screen.

Nevermind, I think I've made a basic layout.

Update: Yay, he's dead. ...Ummm, I mean, yay, it's done. Direct save to slot zero worked (after quite a few hitches, and alot of tinkering around). Saving is a little to be desired, as there's not a real way to completely remove the save screen (you saved it) until a second or so afterwards, even managing to do it effectively. I now can load to a specific file, start a new game, or "start" (load) game plus.
Hello all,

Now that the official version is well underway, would anyone happen to know whether or not this patch is compatible?
Even newspapers have those nowadays.
No. This patch as well as pretty much any patch made by Cherry (including DynRPG, sadly!) is not compatible with the official version of the engine. But Maniac Patch has a similar functionality and is compatible with the official version of the engine.
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