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Do what the title says, leave the room.

I guess I know the original language now! Also it's not love.

Leave the Room is a short (~5 minute) puzzle game. The basic premise is that another student has locked you in a room and you need to try to escape. There are two endings available. The entire game takes place inside the one room. There are a variety of interactable objects that you can use in the room. For example, there is a collection of books from various subjects; maths, science, history and philosophy. Nearly everything in the room is used by the time you escape, there is only one solution to each problem and besides an optional puzzle which can be done at any time the game is entirely linear. The chair in the room is part of the optional puzzle, I accidentally pushed it against a wall on my first playthrough. Then I wrongly concluded that the game was now impossible to complete but after restarting and solving the very simple chair puzzle I realised the chair was tied to the good ending.

She was the longest reigning until recently. Also props for it not being the really common philosophy quotes.

In terms what the game does it is upto a reasonable standard but never does it excel and going back to the chair I mentioned, I feel like an option to either reset it or perhaps pull the chair could easily have been implemented. In a game of this size it's not a big deal as you can restart but in a longer game it might be considerably more annoying. Additionally with the objects you do interact with it's a shame that alternate solutions aren't possible. There a padlock at one point which you have to work out the code for but all I wanted to do was break it with the fire extinguisher, even if it all the game said was, "Unfortunately the lock is well made and doesn't even look dented." It would have enriched the experience and recognised player ideas. The game has a few spelling mistakes that I noticed and the options menu isn't entirely translated from French but otherwise there are no issues with the game that I found. So is this game worth your time to play? If you fancy doing a quick five minute puzzle then I would say yes it's worth your time and I hope you enjoy it like I did.