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A Sequel is in the Works!

  • okamen
  • 01/05/2023 05:54 PM
Hi? Hi.

Being on and off game development these past years has really taken a toll on my confidence in game making, but it's a hobby I still enjoy pursuing. Titles like Keiko. and other unnamed ones are passion projects that with my hiatus, I feel like I lack the proper experience to finish in a way that I would be proud of. But the only way to make games I'm proud of is by doing it, right?

I don't like Dont' Die. I don't. I'm glad my humor gave it laughs, but its structure and overarching "plot" is unthoughtful, childish, and confusing, since it was made by a child. Every time I see it or a mention of it I cringe hard.

I can't erase the game though. And because of specific mistakes I made when it released, I can't fix it either. But I can give it the proper conclusion it deserves. I can give it the tonality and maturity that a game in the horror genre deserves, and the one I had originally envisioned.

So a sequel is exactly what is in the works. As a way to better my skills without risking a new idea I'm afraid of messing up. It'll be longer than Don't Die, but MUCH shorter than my plans for Keiko. I won't be giving any set timeline or updates until its in a near finished state, but for those few lurkers who wonder what Okamen is up to, there's your update.

I hope you look forward in the future to playing Cease Demise.