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New version is out!

It's been a long ride but finally I can release the latest update of the game to the general public! It took a while, huh?

There is a lot new going on in this version, here is some of the most important stuff:

- New enemies for you to fight including one more red car in the main story-line and two (three?) more hidden ones.

- New Skills and Gear opens up even more combat builds you can try out. Encounters difficulty was slightly increased to compensate.

- Added the Items tab on the Menu. You'll be able to get and use objects you find in the hellish train. When you were not looking, someone put a Guidebook in your pocket ;)

- Addition of Achievements to add even more challenge to the encounters and track your feats. Don't worry, this carries over if you ever decide to start a New Game.

- System and graphical improvements (HUD, animations, icons...).

- And lots and lots of bug fixes! (as always, please let me know if you find one of those now)

On other news, the game is planned to go on the Steam platform in a few weeks so keep an eye out!

Thanks and enjoy!