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Bug Fixes

Came back to the game to fix a few things that were pointed out to me or that I found on my own.

Many graphical glitch fixes
Fixed issues when choosing boy
Fixed ordering of items in inventory
Fixed issue with planting grass
Fix many issue with hud dissappearing
Fix item icon not showing when holding
Fishing now works better
Fixed character animation problems
Fixed errors in fishing
Fixed errors with cows not dying
Overhauled the cows' coding in an attempt to make them work better
Assets page now show's graphic of gender and age of animals
Added free sprinkler upgrade
Added fodder to the store
Added Cow Medicine to the store
Added Sickness to cows. Now they can get sick and die if you don't feed them or leave them out in the rain.
Added Scene where mom is very disappointed in you

I haven't been able to reproduce problems with people randomly getting a cow, crops that just stop growing

If the A button doesn't work, try saving and reloading the game. I don't know why. But that fixes it.

Fixed a few more things

Version 0.2.3
Issue with not being able to move character
Option to skip intro
Fixed tools not working unless reloading a save
Name input upgrade removed due to issues with tools

I broke a few things in my last fix...

Version 0.2.4
Fixed fadout when sleeping
You can now put your chickens down again