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Hi guys! Once Upon the Woods is my entry submission for the One Map Challenge event being held at Rpgmaker.web. :) It is a very short and simple RPG that features the story of Hansel and Gretel, an old fairy-tale that we have all heard. This game is sort of like my high-fantasy take on the story. ^_^ I hope that you enjoy! :)


Once upon a time in a faraway forest, there lived a poor family that has two twin children: Hansel and Gretel. The twins' parents have been in an economic struggle for a very long time, and they decided to take the twins out in the woods to abandon them and free themselves from the burden of feeding the twins. Fortunately, Hansel left a trail of white stones from where they left which helped them return home, but, the Mother was angered with their return and decided to take the twins out on the woods again to abandon them once more. With Hansel leaving behind a trail of breadcrumbs, will this help them find their way back home again?

- Very short and sweet
- Challenging, strategic and engaging battles
- Beautiful fairy-tale-esque artworks
- Beautiful Celtic music





Bitter Sweet Entertainment, Inc.


Andy Chen
Loose Leaf
Milano Cat

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My One map game!! :)

Hello guys! This game is my entry for the One map RPG being held at RMW. :) It is an extremely short game and this game is my first RPG made with RMMV, so bare with me! xD I hope everyone will enjoy as I did making it! ^_^

For the purpose of information, here's the data of this project per the event's rules:

Maps: 1
Events: 7 (Excluding the butterflies/water sparkle events)
Common Events: 0
Variables: 0
Switches: 0 (Most have been self-switches)
Actors: 2
Items: 3
  • Completed
  • Starmage
  • RPG Maker MV
  • Strategy RPG
  • 05/10/2018 02:24 PM
  • 09/09/2023 07:48 AM
  • 05/10/2018
  • 22731
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Nice game, but I think the 1 shot kills on my party needs to be nerfed a little to make more room for strategy.
Hi Nakoruru! ^_^ Thanks so much for playing the game and for sharing your thoughts! :) Yeah, I do agree with you that the monsters can be quite unforgiving xD Haha, sorry about that! :) But still, I'm glad you took the time to try this little one map game!! XD :)
Hola amigo mio, no se bien que puedo decir sobre tu juego. hablamos de solo un par de combates. como otros juegos de este estilo tiene una dificultad muy absurda.
Tu juego me gusto a pesar de ser combates desesperante en momentos en que no sabes si ganaste por tu estrategia o por pura suerte,tiene algo que te provoca sierta satisfacción al salir vencedor. Realmente me jodiste en los combates, (me inclino a tus pies) realmente fueron un desafió. algunos combates "si" los gane con estrategia. en perder a tu support de un golpe fue un acierto a media, hubiera sido mas estratégico los combates con un tercer miembro en el equipo. El tanque que protege al equipo, el support que cura y beneficia al equipo y el tercer miembro que estudia a los enemigos y anticipa sus ataques.
Pero resumiendo todo lo dicho disfrute tu juego, lastima su duración.
Hello DiazVictor! ^__^ I am very sorry that I do not understand spanish, but thanks to some translators, I was able to decipher the content of your message (or at least, some of it xD). Thanks so much for your very kind words and support! ^_^ :) I am very happy that you enjoyed it! :) But yeah, the battles can indeed be very hard if you do not protect the support well xD :) Still, you're right, I guess a third party member would've added some more fun and thrill to the battles. ^_^ :) Thanks so much once again for checking out, DiazVictor. ^_^ Sadly, it is indeed a short game, since it is made for the RMW one map game challenge. xD:)
@Starmage - You may want to get in contact with googleplay. Since someone decided to illegal upload this game there in order to profit off of it.
His game seems to have been removed from there. But still @Starmage you should keep an eye on that person's page just to make sure they don't upload any of your other games there.
Hello @thesacredlobo and @Rose_Guardian! Thank you so much for your concerns guys! I have been busy for a few months, and I just recently heard this sad news. :( X(

I was informed recently by Berry on Discord, and yes, I got his link now, he did remove my game, but many others hard work are still there, and he is stealing them. :( X( I wish his account would be taken action, as it is unjust for the game devs who worked hard for those. :(
Finished :).
Loved how the story of Hansel and Gretel was told in such a short time.
It a few plays it was difficult in the first enemies, but then i got to beat them and it was also luck the character it was hit.
Congratulations for this great project.
Thanks so much once again Maston! <3 Im always happy to hear you enjoy my games ^_^ <3
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