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A promising start!

  • Lorenze
  • 12/27/2018 07:55 AM
Animus Strife: Demo Impressions

Created by Pixel Control Studios for the IGMC 2018, Animus Strife is an interesting little action RPG prototype with much potential. In it, you play as Rhys, the typical RPG hero who isn't having a very good day.

The story, while not doing anything new, is told in a somewhat interesting fashion; it's fairly open and you're essentially left to your devices to discover it your yourself. It's nice if you're into that type of progression, but I'd still like it if there was more direction because as it stands now, I felt pretty aimless just wandering around trying to figure out what to do.

The level design is also way too barren and open ended. The maps are far too large for their own good, which makes exploration a bit of a chore. I'd highly suggest shrinking them down by a town and boosting the player's walk speed for extra good measure. Visually, the art style reminds me a lot of 16-bit classics like Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana; though, it could still use plenty of polishing and consistency, but it's a very good foundation to build on thus far. The music is pretty nice and definitely accentuates that retro, nostalgic RPG feel too!

Pretty large, don't you think?

Gameplay wise, it feels very stiff (which I'd partially attribute to the awkward animations, too) and hitboxes felt inconsistent. Still, once you get used to it, it's nothing too bad and felt pretty fun at points.

Also, at first I tried playing with a gamepad, and it worked for the first few minutes... until I tried pressing the B button which I thought would open a menu or something, but ended up closing the whole game. Oops! (Switching to standard KB+M was fine.)

This was a pretty cool moment :)

Overall, for being created in a month, it's a very good start and solid foundation to build on. (Extra props for using Unity, too!) If the team can band together and sort out the technical issues, add a bit more guidance, tighten up the overall level design and art assets, then you would definitely have a good action RPG in the works. Congrats on finishing up the project for IGMC and best of luck with the rest of the game / future projects! (And Happy Holidays :) )