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The cuteness is over 9000!

  • flurry
  • 04/16/2019 07:37 AM
I am a fan of the original game before it got remastered, so I couldn’t wait to play this when I heard it got released. So this is my review of the game:


The design is vastly superior to the original because it uses 100% custom art. Gone are the default rtp graphics from RPG Maker. You wouldn’t be able to tell if I didn’t tell you it was made using RPG Maker. It has a nice custom title screen and in-game menu.

Character design and sprites are cute and have the chibi look. Bust art when characters are talking is visually enriching and adds cohesion to the conversation.
The map design is nostalgic from the original game with the “rooms you have to unlock” and “keys to find”. If you’ve played the first game, you’ll be familiar with what you need to do.

Although, the maps look quite good in terms of originality and design, I think they are unnecessarily too big especially the living room and how the stairs connect to the next floor is a little bit odd. The walls on the 2nd floor need to line up with the walls on the 1st floor so that the 2nd floor doesn’t collapse. Also, the bathroom seems to be floating above the backyard considering where the staircase is positioned. This is just minor nitpicking, but if you research how houses are built, you will achieve a more realistic feeling moving around in an interior map.


The story is a little bit sad and depressing, but you do get a happy ending if you choose the right options. A little bit at a time, you get to learn about Ai and the people in the world through diary pages, which I think is a nice touch. Giving the player information and wanting more at the same time to encourage the player to continue playing and find more about the story.
I got the bad end “broken wings” in my first playthrough, but got the true end in my second. The epilogue is the best part of the game when Ai is an adult and she meets an old friend. (Sorry, no spoilers).

I do miss the adult content from the original, but this less controversial version is accessible to more people who wish to play it without being put off.


Music is used in a thoughtful way and at the right time. Even the jump scare when you enter “that room” worked effectively. I wish there were more of these. The art of using no sound or silence created suspense in the game, which I liked very much.


Old players will find something new and refreshing in this reboot. Therefore, I strongly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a story-oriented game with good graphics and cute characters. People looking for action will be disappointed because there are no fight scenes. Regardless, it has plenty of suspense and atmosphere.


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"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
You wouldn’t be able to tell if I didn’t tell you it was made using RPG Maker. It has a nice custom title screen and in-game menu.

Only part of this review that I don’t agree with at all. It’s still ridiculously easy to tell that it’s rpg maker.

Other than that, though, you make some good points in this review and compare it to the original pretty well too. I’m happy that the team has been able to please people with this remake.
Thank you for the review! It makes me extremely happy to know that even an old fan can appreciate the new TnS =)

Yep I totally agree that the graphics for the maps needs and improvement, and I'll work to make a better job for our next RpG Maker game.

I'm very glad that you enjoyed the experience! Hope you'll play our future games too!
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