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Sacred Reviews: Corona-chan Vs The World

"Corona-chan Vs The World" is a short action game developed by Lihinel using RPG Maker MV that is rather difficult to review in my opinion. This is because the game really isn't that long nor is it that complicated. In fact, the game's hardest default setting on brutal can be completed in under three minutes and while the game does let you customize the difficulty to make things harder. It wouldn't improve the game's underlying mechanics since it isn't that fun to play in my opinion. This is because the game boils down to popping bubbles that appear on a map as quickly as possible in order to earn points which are spent on certain upgrades by default.

I suppose if I had to compare this game to anything it would be "Plague Inc." with this game meant to be a more streamlined version of that game. Though, I'll admit that's partially an educated guess since I've never actually played "Plague Inc.". I've merely watched my youngest brother play it a time or two while chatting with him in his old bed room. And while I do enjoy strategy games the whole concept of creating a biohazard to wipe out humanity seemed a little to real even before the pandemic.

At any rate after popping a bunch of bubbles your side will either win or lose depending on how good your clicking skills are all while a sick dubstep beat plays in the background. The game also features a bit of custom art, but the quality of that art is a bit meh in my book. This is because the borders for the world map in this game are rather nonsensical. Though, I'll admit the outlines for most of the major landmasses are alright. It just bugs me that France, Spain, Germany, Italy, and so on are all merged together. And don't even get me started on the lack of countries in Africa and Central America. And there's the outfit for Corona-chan which looks like it was edited with MS Paint.

As for if you should play this game. I'll leave it up to those that read this review to decide if they want to play this game about popping bubbles in order to save or doom the Earth. Just don't expect it to last that long if you have even average mouse clicking skills.


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Boy, did I not expect a review for this game.

Thanks for taking the time I guess, and sorry it didn't really deliver.
Most of my contest games started with a nice idea, but ultimately failed and suffered from bad gameplay, balancing, etc.

And yes, it was edited in MS Paint XD... and traced from the RTP?... I think? I am not 100% sure on that one anymore.

There was some consideration of making it more strategic by making the upgrades count more, and other stuff, but alas...
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