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Coma State Eden Update [7-19-2022]

Hey, everyone.

I haven't been around here in awhile, but Coma State Eden has been receiving plenty of updates. I've spent a metric f-tonne of time optimizing the game for specific lower/less powerful hardware, and while my efforts felt fruitless for so long there has finally been decent payoff.

I'd like to get more people from rpgmaker.net to try Coma State Eden out, I know there's probably a stigma associated with the game coming from the Pixel Game Maker MV game engine, but I am very confident that my game is not only worth your time, but that you'll find it to be one of the smoothest and most polished game experiences in its genre, as well as its sub-genre of PGMMV developed titles.

If you happen to have a PC/laptop which isn't that beefy, I'd implore you to test Coma State Eden out and see how the game runs for you on its high graphics setting and low graphics setting. It's not exactly easy for me to find people with hardware within that range so it'd really help.

I'd also appreciate it if players/testers could give Coma State Eden a rating on it's rpgmaket.net page, and leave their thoughts as comments/reviews. Getting more engagement would help entice people passing by to consider giving my game their time.

The multiplayer is only local, however there is working functionality for Parsec. Both players can use a gamepad, or one can use the keyboard while the other uses a gamepad. Given the type of game CSE is, try not to play with anyone too far from you, the lag for the person connecting to the host will hinder the game experience.