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This passion project of mine started back in the summer of 2019 when I decided to return to the RPG Maker Engine scene with a rekindled desire to want to make a game. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line I thought the original design and story for QuestBound could be better so ever since then I've been trying my best to rework it. With a newfound interest to want to recreate QuestBound, I set out to reworking the game ranging from maps, to characters, the database and more such as dialogue and world building. It's been a long road from its ready-to-play "completed" state till now and in all honesty am glad to have made it this far with the project. If you've downloaded this game made within the MV engine and have chosen to play it, thank you for doing so. Please feel free to leave a comment or feedback on what you thought of this project that I've been working on for quite some time.


A story of the self, friends, and family. The plot revolves around Damon and his two friends who accompany him on his quest to find his actual parents. He sets out one day from his ordinary world hoping to find them somewhere out in the world beyond his own familiar surroundings and the orphanage where he has grown up. Together with his friends, Damon is questbound—so to say—in his search, but little does the trio know about the outside world and what awaits them.

The player can expect an adventure that will take a few hours to complete, perhaps five hours or more to do everything that the game has to offer. There are numerous treasure chests to find and open throughout the game as well as achievements to earn. At first, the player starts off in their ordinary world with Damon, his friends, and the family he has come to know and soon after ventures off to find his missing parents who are supposedly somewhere out there in the world of Lusca. Together with his friends, Damon will set off on a journey of discovery that will take him to new locations and meet new people.

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  • 09/09/2021 02:19 AM
  • 06/28/2022 02:28 PM
  • 08/19/2021
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I am enjoying the game so far. I have however encountered a bug, when you are binding skills the menu will randomly not leave the bind skill screen hitting escape key does not respond and you have no choice but to close the game.


It could be due to there being a limit to how many skills of a certain category you can bind that is causing this issue. I have test played it myself and have yet to come across this problem. Would you be able to send me your save file (PM me) and/or a screenshot here so that I can try to resolve it?

Thank you for playing. :)
I sent you a pm. It happens when I try to bind the available skills I bought, after binding the third skill the screen wont go to escape to return to game.
Perhaps you've figured it out in the meantime, but if not: You can only equip a certain number of each skill type. Look at the numbers displayed on the skill equip screen. The symbols there show you the skill types, which is the only way to identify them when you handle the skills.

What you experienced is just the following: You equipped at least one too many of a certain skill type. If that happens, the game doesn't let you leave the skill equip menu via Escape. Instead, you need to manually unequip the skills over the limit first.

That was/is exactly my thoughts as to gmz26's bug report which I'm not sure is a bug after all; the screen just locks you out since you've chosen above the specified limit for a skill type.

Edit: Try to press 'X' to return once the screen is locked in that case.
I updated the game to version 2.0.3. I spent a number of hours improving it and I'm glad it's in the version it is now. I hope going forward more people can play it and provide feedback to let me know their thoughts. Thanks for playing!
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