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Ver 1.0
- Initial release.

Ver 1.0.1
- Fixed some typos.
- Added JustAShyDoge to the credits for testing (I'm sorry for forgetting you Pudding ;.;)
- Fixed a sprite that was causing the game to crash for someone.
- Minor mapping enhancements.
- Unaccessible doors in the past are now darkened out instead of being blocked by barrels.
- As per my boyfriend's suggestion, I added in an npc to the shelter in the past who says they're replacing the locks to explain why the shelter master key doesn't open the doors in the past. Thanks sweetie.
- Fixed a bug where beating the second post-game quest wasn't unlocking the costumes.

Ver 1.0.2
- Fixed a bug that made the game unbeatable after getting all the items in Christmas 2017.