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A SMBX 2.0 game, so this won't work with vanilla SMBX or any of the other forks.

'Kept ya waiting, huh?'

Third time's the fourth. (as said by absolutely no one) Nearly a decade after the release of Super Talking Time Bros 2.5: The Last Levels comes Super Talking Time Bros 3 (No Subtitle), from (the remainder of) Team Talking Time.


A Demo of World 1, with a random assortment of later game levels, with eight Cheevos to find! No lives! Super Mario Odyssey coin deduction! A varying amount of custom lua code per level! The same old Talking Time humor you love and/or tolerate! Super Squad Kirby! Honk sound!

Latest Blog

Feb 6 2022 Update: World 2 Map progress

Development progress on the World Map for the second world:


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Well now, this is certainly a surprise!
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Seeing a SMBX game on rmn in 2022 makes me strangely nostalgic (and also this looks dope, SMBX has come a long way since I last used it.)
Well. Smbx is no longer desirable by current generation
This was totally untrue in early 2010s
Holy Bananas a third Talking time bros game?!
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