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Progress and More Sprites Galore!

  • unity
  • 06/08/2023 10:09 PM
One of the biggest obstacles to making faster progress in Izrand is that I thought I should do all the tilesets by myself, with no help and no resources that anyone else made, as when it came to Luxaren I did all the tilesets there by myself.

I recently decided this mindset is silly, as it's slowing down the project significantly. I'm using a lot of different tilesets than Luxaren here and I'm using tons of placeholders that it's going to take a long long time to make all those resources.

The first thing I've done is started using Caz's amazing Pixel Fantasy tileset pack to fill in gaps in my own tilesets. For an example of how that looks, here is Hayal Forest Road, where the actual road, boxs, wooden barriers and the guard house are from Caz's pack:

Thanks so much for making such an awesome pack, Caz! :DDDD This is going to save me (and my poor hand) a lot of work haha!

Tilesets of other areas are being completely, slowly, but I hope to amp up tileset production soon too! It'll be nice to share screenshots that I haven't been sharing because of placeholder assets.

Here is the harbor where the game begins, for example!

In other news, Avee is still hard at work doing character sprites for the game, and they are still turning out absolutely amazing! He is so good at translating the fine details of a character's design into sprite work! :DDD

I guess this doubles as a secret introduction to some characters you probably haven't seen before, haha! Hope this gets you curious, and a huge thanks again to Avee for all the hard work and attention to detail!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDD

Thanks to everyone for sticking around! I know development time on this is slow (a lot of it's on me for biting off a lot with this project, haha) but I'm determined to see this all the way to release, no matter how long it ends up taking.


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Sir Redd of Novus: He who made Prayer of the Faithless that one time, and that was pretty dang rad! :D
Yeah, making everything yourself sounds great on paper, but actually doing it is incredibly time-consuming and difficult. Good on you for choosing to taking the hybrid approach! The new maps look good, too!

Character sprites also look great. My favorite of the bunch has to be Neoma. I love the shading style and color choice that make up the shine on her bones and armor.
Doing the hybrid approach seems like a good call, considering how detailed the look you're going for is. Caz's graphics also fit seamlessly with your tiles! I wouldn't even have been able to tell that they were mixed assets.
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