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Yugioh Cheater Lord - Walkthrough

Since it's a very difficult game, I created a walkthrough. (Don't view it from the main game page, or there won't be enough space to view the images. Click on the blog.)

Yugioh Cheater Lord is about a young lad that becomes tired of the world's abuse towards bad duelists, as he decides to take matters into his own hands... by cheating!

Intro Stage
Frankfurt Plaza

Dufort Casino Resort
The Goon Squad (4 stages have been beaten)
Stratosphere Garden
Vanilla Mountain
Crape Castle
Halfmoon City

The Playoffs
As of yet, this walkthrough is unfinished, so that the playoffs have no spoilers.

If this game becomes popular enough, or enough people ask, I might reconsider.

The playoffs are difficult as well.