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The Hard Mode Update!

Good day kings, queens and those who identify as something cooler!

Today I bring you the most dogshit update to the game no one fully comprehends.
It's been something I've entertained in my head for a while and I finally managed to sit down and bang out a brand new way to play SatiRPG!

Challenging, but fair combat!
Several new enemies!
Over 25 Hard Mode exclusive encounters!
A bonus folder with special music and art by VanessatheNoob and YaldiTime!
An exclusive ending with a thinly veiled comment about my failed project!
A King Crimson reference in 2023.

Where did you get the idea? :ooo
Well you see, between 2021 and 2022 I attempted to turn SatiRPG into a serious project on MZ that had no copyright material and would effectively be its own standalone product. Due to a torrent of issues I faced, the game unfortunately never saw the light of day. However the extremely talented artist and musician I worked with produced some great stuff that would never be seen by players and that ultimately didn't sit well with me. Hard Mode brings these alongside some other nonsense I've wanted to include.

So what is Hard Mode?
Great question, narrator! Hard Mode is a new difficulty setting for SatiRPG. These changes include more mandatory encounters, with greater difficulty and a slightly different story as a result. It sort of functions as a New Game+ of sorts, given how it's a choice made in the tutorial, with knowledge of the game beforehand providing an aid of sorts to turn the tides in your favour.

Is there a unique Hard Mode encounter where you fight a 1997 Ford Escort?