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Clever, in a sort of Progress Quest kind of way.

Mine Sweepers is a game with almost zero gameplay. You set up the pins and the game goes bowling all by itself. There aren't even any graphics or music to speak of. Combat is entirely automated; all you do is press the button to advance the dialogue box.

And really, that's my big complaint with the game. A game as firmly on auto-pilot as this one shouldn't require any interaction. I'm typically against autoclose text boxes, but Mine Sweepers would be more enjoyable if you could just send your guys into the mine and watch the text scroll by until it was time to call it a day. As it is I played the game for about ten minutes. Otherwise I probably would have put an hour or so into it. Whether that is something good about Mine Sweepers, or something not-good about me, I leave to the reader to decide.

Was this a Onehour? I think this might have been a Onehour.


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It wasn't a One Hour, it was actually made in response to a challenge Lys made a long time ago to make a complete CBS game in a month.

But you're right. I remember that at the time I was pondering using auto-close, but decided not to because I didn't want the player to miss any information. But in retrospect, they should have been auto-close, because it otherwise just extends things needlessly.

If I decide to remake the game, that's one thing I'll do. I also need to better design the formulas, because I heard from someone else that it begins to break down pretty badly at the high levels.
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