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wHaT iS tHiS?

NO, really!
Stop right there (criminal scum)!
I'm here to give you an updated link for this game.


Uhm ok, are you ready? Yes? Very good, now I can start the review of this awesome game. Yes.

This is a 2010 game by Catmitts, and a weird one, so if you are loooking for something bizarre, welcome to a new world!
Veggie Tales 3D has totally no relations with the series with the same name (about 3d vegetables) and tells the story (well ok more or less) of Tom Tom, a burger joint worker that's rather... uhm psichotic? His "mission" consists in grab some onions at the story, and that's the beginning of his glorious adventure. Uh sure!
An adventure that you can finish in ten minutes, that is.

*these*??? You mean that there are others you can sell?

All the people in town are quite bizarre, and you can interact with them all, normally this means that Tom Tom will listen to them and say how much hates them and the rest of the world. Well pretty much that's what will always happen! In some rare cases you may interact with things or people using items from the inventory (for example the tickets for the concert can unlock the next area).
So the game is a sort of walking simulator/adventure, and don't expect any help from the world to overcome the obstacles that stad between Tom Tom and the onions!

Visually the game is unique, and looks both surreal, childish and stylized like a drawing of a psichotic child. Unique, and with a painful 3D (play this with 3D glasses, it will be a unique experience) that you will never forget. Beside the unique graphics there is a monotonous music (if I can call that so) that well accompanies the awesome adventures of Tom Tom. It's like watching Beavis and Butthead or South Park: stupid, ugly and bad (like the characters of this game) still you cannot stop, until the end (that is unexpected and awesome closing to this game before the joke becomes too old or repetitive). And there is some meaning under the first layer, anyway your mission is finding it! Maybe it says something about the author, or the society, or probably both anyway... please play this, it's an awesome and unique game!

Amen to that!

Final Verdict
Forget other games, THIS is the real Postmodern adventure game!
This is ... art? Well maybe, anyway this game is both rather amusing and annoying at the same time. Well Catmitts is the author of the famous Space Funeral (I've friends that say that's a must play, still they don't know of this one) so I couldn't expect a normal game. It's zany, punk rock, it's... Veggie Tales 3D! Well there ins't much else to say about this unique little game I guess, so I will end here!