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Tom Tom's quest for an delayed onion shipment sets him on a path into the dark heart of the American Dream.

- An almost 5-minute RPG
- Innovotive battle system takes place entirely in the fifth dimension, beyond the reach of human ken
- A game created in the proper dialectical spirit: rather than kowtow to bourgeois concepts of 'immersion', 'depth', 'gameplay' or 'quality' this game powerfully confronts the player with cumbersome controls, tiny text and frequent bugs. No longer being sated and tranquilized by the comforting norms of traditional 'entertainment', the perspacious gamer rises above, spirit renewed and heart soaring with dreams of the revolution!

arrow keys - move
z - interact
x - items
esc - menu


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revolt from cerebellum

I found a review of Veggie Tales 3D on Czech gaming website hrej.cz and when I ran it through google translate the opening paragraph was

"Have you ever been that the vegetables should have rights? Maybe you will come as a total nonsense, but you can be sure that while you're reading this text, in the kitchen with your cauliflower indulges wild ideas about freedom and pumpkins meanwhile formulates initial ideas of the revolution. However, it is facing a revolt due to beat her from all other květákových and cerebellum."

which is actually better than the game it's about. I'm not neing snarky I just think this paragraph owns..... well thats it from me......... see you next time Have fun Enjoy da summer.... Drink that Wine....
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  • 01/26/2010 07:07 PM
  • 10/01/2023 01:29 PM
  • 01/26/2010
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''Do You Never Change'' X-D
Where can I download 3D glasses?
just get some green and red transparent paper and move them around in front of the screen as you play

actually i dont have 3d glasses either but someone who does tell me if they work haha
That's District Attorney download to you! o/

Answer: You can download it right here AFTER the download has been approved by staff. You can only submit a download AFTER the gamepage has been approved. It is not possible to submit both at the same time. Gamepage first, then download link. WAit until tomorrow or so I guess.
Oh, ''glasses''.... now I understand. Don't have some either.... ;-(
alternatively you can get it here http://gamejolt.com/freeware/games/veggie-tales-3d/download/1484/

also gamejolt gives me ad revenue monies per click so bup on that shit
I'll spam it and make you a fortune.
I'm kinda stuck. How do you placate the punks so that you can go to Mopland?
go to the mines and get the tickets to the cramps concert (rip lux interior), then go into the middle of the punk/greaser war and use the tickets
Thanks! I finished the game. It's pretty amusing, if also a little annoying.
thanks, i sorta left it deliberately unpolished and poorly-designed because i kind of like really horrible and inexplicable games more than good ones nowadays (or "good" ones if you want, ps everyone play molasses meow for excellent example of this principle in action http://rpgmaker.net/games/1619/). also i was lazy
Where's Bob the Tomato or Larry the Cucumber?
Shame that I hate 3D with a passion, but this game looks pretty interesting.
This game is in no relation to the Big Idea-owned, copyrighted children's show VeggieTales. ;)
Played it with 3D glasses, it was even weirder.
Ahahahahahaha! You're nuts, this game is awesome x'D.
Hey, I really wanted to download this but it seems the link is down.
Hey, I really wanted to download this but it seems the link is down.

maybe too late... still the game is up, it just changed page

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