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World's Dawn is officially funded!

  • Sagitar
  • 07/03/2015 07:10 PM
Exciting announcement! Exciting announcement!

The World's Dawn Kickstarter was able to raise a grand total of $6,689 over the past month, thanks to 384 backers and everyone else who liked, shared, commented on, tweeted about, and even played the game during the campaign. This number is 134% of my initial goal and will allow me to add even more improvements to the final product.


I want to say thank you, truly, to everyone who has supported World's Dawn in the 5 years it's been on this site (holy crap, by the way). The RPG Maker community means a lot to me... it helped ignite my interest in game design as a career and has offered endless inspiration, guidance, feedback and resources to help me better my craft.

Some wonderful changes are coming to Sugar Blossom Village in the coming months! Stay tuned here for the big announcements, or follow the official forum or Facebook page for more regular updates. And finally, thank you again to everyone who backed the campaign or shared the link. Keep being amazing, y'all =)


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When you're so cool you can troll your own website.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Congratulations, glad you pulled it off.

Well done!
Thank you all! "Yay" is a pretty good summation of my feelings at the moment =)
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