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My First Review

OK, I'm starting, you forced my hand into realms i haven't thought id have to travel.

First off, the game looks awesome. Most of the trees aren't really proportional but that's a minor thing. The people though, oh, the people... i actually first thought the entire town was full of (mostly) female occupants but noooo, when i read their conversation they turned out to be DUDES! married dudes at that (both their conversation pic and the sprites ).

So maybe i just got a bit unlucky so i focused on what was important. Farming. Then i plant my seeds by rows of five, i water them by rows of four (just because) and when i watered them enough, lo and behold a produce appeared. That broke my heart man, a big part of why i love farming games is seeing the plants grow to magnificent money wads healthy crops ready to ship (oh and take a picture of since you added the camera feature), but no, i cant just water everything THEN take a picture of it... its just fundamentally wrong so maybe (just maybe) you'd listen to the voice in your head telling you to change that part and make it into a "crops grow the NEXT day" kind of thing?

And we're back to talking about the town, the townspeople ALL have good character depth (in my opinion) pretty fun to talk to and mingle with. its just that the town looks so BARREN, i know its part of the story, but may i suggest out-of-towners visiting? like when you've made the village prosperous and such? its just nice to see ordinary (and not necessarily useful) characters. The map looks pretty impressive (almost got lost the first few times). The beach, the woods, the (obviously gonna be part of winter) waterfall. They all fit, the just work together for me.

Then we go to the MINOR DETAILS. i think Lock-Ball is great! pretty easy, but still great game (haven't lost a single game and bet max every time). Just one thing though, it would be nice if you could tell if you used the block feature (even without the ball going in) just to give us the chance to time it better (i just don't let them get to the goal since i don't know how to use the block). And another thing, the MOST MINOR stuff i could think of is the horse's rider... you know what i mean, maybe just give them a helmet so only thing you need to change is the riders clothes? (oh and the rider itself)

herein ends my first review, a great game and hopefully a helpful review


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Thanks so much for the review! I appreciate you taking the time to leave your thoughts =)

I can definitely see how you could be confused by the character portraits, part of that is the style and part of it is the fact that I used the same face generator for all of them... hopefully you got used to it as you played more of the season!

I'll take your comments about the village (and LockBall) into account as I work on the next part of the game. Thanks again!
so i take it the crop thing is a no-go? :(

though this game would still be amazing regardless
I will definitely look into the crop thing! At this point it's a matter of how much time things will take, as I'd like to get the next chapter out and playable before too long.
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