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Matsubayashi Days

Matsumori High: Where everything begins, and ends.

Matsumori Days is a Traditional RPG made in VX, and is about how a couple of students had to face a dangerous set of trials in the dream version of their high school. As with all traditional RPG's, this game sports a turn-based battle system. Well, that should be enough to give you an idea about what this game is, so let's get started.

Potential Spoilers:
The game starts with the player, Goho, finishing another tiresome day in school. At the end of the day, Goho suddenly finds himself in Matsumori High; or rather, what appears to be Matsumori High. As he entered the structure, he was greeted by his friends Joruri and Katai, and a strange blue-haired girl named Mina. Mina tells the trio that they can't leave until they finish some trials. Thinking it was just a surprise test of sorts, the trio headed straight into the trial room, classroom 2-A. To their astonishment, it was not a classroom but a large, stony dungeon with (extremely) hostile inhabitants. That's when Mina clears it all out to the three of them what is really happening there. Apparently, the 'test' involves beating some monster butt. And they do that again. And again. And again. All up until the end of the game

Story and Execution: 2/5
The story was simple, and mildly interesting. Though the way it was told was rather rushed and cluttered, in my opinion. The dialogue, though full of content, was lengthy and quite unnatural; and the way the characters react didn't feel very authentic. It's not really terrible; I actually liked the story. But the way it was executed rather brought down the overall experience for me.

On the more nitpicky note: I found it really jarring that the other characters talk along with Goho, even though they are not there (or rather, they're nowhere to be seen).

Aesthetics: 3/5
The Graphics were from RTP, and the sounds were a mix of rips from commercial games and the VX RTP. Mapping was fine, though it could've been better. There are some areas that are too empty/repetitive-looking (like the auditorium), and the passages are small. If you were unlucky enough to have an NPC block your path, and it doesn't seem to want to move soon, then you'll be stuck for some time.

Gameplay: 2/5
As I've stated, the game is a traditional, turn-based rpg. Nothing too grand to expect here, really. There were some balancing issues that popped up. Clearing the (rather small) dungeons is hard on the first run; but after beating one or so monsters, you'll be completely invincible. The bosses were fairly challenging though.

The game also had some puzzles in the dungeons. But as the dungeons were a bit too small, the puzzles didn't become enjoyable enough (mainly because they became far too easy to solve).

Overall: 2.5/5
This game is pretty 'traditional', all right. It's kind of a hit-or-miss if you'll like it or not. It's not really bad, but neither is it good. I had some fun with this, but that's mostly because I like being overpowered in RPG's (which I think, is not a very healthy mentality).