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Most under-rated game? Possibly.

  • Chartley
  • 06/18/2007 01:01 PM
WIP said somewhere that this is the best game made on rm2k3. I originally thought he was just hyping it purely to motivate Brickroad to finish it. I think I might have been wrong about that, because this game is pretty close to a masterpiece. It sure as hell would be if it was finished.

The graphics in this game might not floor you, but you'll eventually realize the genius and work put into them. You won't find light effects or panorama maps. What you will find are very emotive character sets, and well designed maps that don't forget they're made for a game. The characters are extremely animated in this game. They frequently move their arms and head. Things like that add to a game more than you think. The graphics are top notch, even if you don't realize it at first.

The graphics won't floor you, but the gameplay will. You will NEVER find better designed dungeons in any rpg. They will frusterate the hell out of you, but you will love it. Not only does Brick make great dungeons, he puts a lot of attention into battles. Battles are never monotonous, he adds many interesting touches like team attacks and interesting enemy approaches.

You'll also notice the subtle but intelligent use of music and sounds. Though it doesn't astound you as much as the other aspects of this game, it certainly adds to it.

If there is one rm2k3 game that you should play, let it be this one. No other game demonstrates every area of the maker as well as this game. Play this game for much love and learning, it's good for the soul. (And your rm2k3 skillz.)