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  • calunio
  • 02/05/2011 02:44 AM
This is a scoring game, there's no ending. Your goal is to make the highest score possible, and there is no actual score or time limit... you can go on and on, though the game gets progressively harder.

Thus, a highscore system was a very welcome addition!

Originally I didn't even think it would be possible. But then I remembered RMVX scripts are very flexible... I looked for one, found it, added it, modified it (I'm getting the hang of scripting), and it works fine. My original intention was to add a Highscore item on the title screen to display the top 10 scores. But that's too much for me now. I just added a top 3 scores message at the end of each play.

Yeah, maybe I don't hate VX that much. :D

To be fair to the contest, I added the old download to my locker.