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Super RMN Bros 2 is the sequel to the community event, Super RMN Bros. where everybody could make Mario levels and have them all placed into one single game. The weapon of choice? Super Mario Brothers X v1.3, a (now dead) PC game made to create and play Mario style levels with a mix between Mario Brothers 3 and Super Mario World physics with enemies and obstacles spanning Mario 1 to Super Mario World!

What You Need to Play Super RMN Bros 2
You need the creation tool used to make RMN Bros 2 to play it: Super Mario Brothers X v1.3 available here! Run the installer, download and place Super RMN Bros 2 into the SMBX "Worlds" folder, run SMBX and play Super RMN Bros 2!

Latest Blog

Super RMN Bros 2 Officially Completed!

It's done and out! This is, barring any dumb bugs I missed, the final version of the game. No updated levels, no new submissions, just finished. If you downloaded the game prior to this please redownload and restart as some world map changes will fuck up your save file.

So please, download and enjoy!

Sorry for taking so freaking long everybody, I won't be in charge of any future Super RMN Bros. because I am doing a terrible job of it. I'll leave it to you guys to decide how to carry on from here.


Could whoever is in charge of this please take me off the users list? Kind of sick of getting updates about it.
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
Perhaps you should get your level approved before hopping off the list to duck notices.
It was my understanding that a while before I left, I was given the choice of making my level more interesting so it wouldn't be dropped, or dropping it. I chose to drop it.

Unless things have changed, my level should still be dropped.
Alright, removed you from RMN Bros 2. CC was just going to be denied again if it wasn't changed because half of it is still a boring water level.
Yeah I'm sick of the notices too. So sick I really haven't even come to the site in the past 3 weeks. Drown in updates.
I'm a dog pirate
I'll have the final, polished version of Wood in World One posted sometime soon. It was already approved, but I tightened it quite a lot, so it can only be better.
Just came back to this project after a month. Looking good! Sorry for my sudden disappearance.
I don't think you have much to apologize for :v
(Good thing I started last to first)
Need more details, IT hates everything good in the universe and Flash is no longer on our computers :(

(or wait a few hours for me to get home and check it out)

Super Mario World music video? What?
RMN's Official Reviewmonger
from Drakonais
Did this level make the cut? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDhYmpX9DLM

Of course not. That thing was way too long and imbalanced! And the creator refused to listen to any of our feedback. Screw that guy!

You just wanted an excuse to post that video somewhere, didn't you?
If somebody made one of those in SMBX it would totally be in RMN Bros 2 fuck all other requirements. It would either be the mandatory first stage or the absolute last.

here have some queen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDWJFMXOY88&feature=related
I outta try making something like that! On a much smaller scale of course, like 30 seconds xD
Hi GRS, please could I be added as a developer for my level "beanstalk"? Thanx!
That Queen video is amazing. For all the vids like these, I wondered how many times I would kill myself before I learned not to touch anything.
Hi GRS, please could I be added as a developer for my level "beanstalk"? Thanx!

RMN's Official Reviewmonger


Nagging is the only reason why the project will get finished.
Hard work and determination might do it, but nagging will have to do

sigh ;P