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Release 2 of Garden

  • Rhyme
  • 07/16/2011 06:29 AM
After receiving a review for this game, I decided to continue fixing and re-upload the game.

The upload is taking a while, so you may not see it for a few hours!

Release 2 shows the changes:
Immediate fixes:
No more missing resources (I hope!)
All skills except recovery skills are no longer usable in menu. (Sorry, I never actually checked the skill menu...)
Removed the blue door in Geihn Heralis. (Why was it there in the first place?! I was SURE i removed it >:O)

Enemy adjustments:
Reduced touch encounters (By approximately 40%)
All enemy HP has been reduced significantly.
Iscellent, Nivenreis and Geihn Heralis bosses are altered.
Iscellent now has minions that he summons.
Nivenreis will deplete your HP once in a while.
Geihn Heralis now has a periodic Drain ability that does not use up his turn.

Skill adjustments:
Burst has a rewritten description. Instant kill rate reduced significantly.
Shift is less Hp Bonus

Player adjustments:
Reduced amount of Exp needed to gain a level.
Loke's HP is reduced.

Navigation adjustments:
Nivenreis's entrance is now a Red gate instead of a Green gate. There is now a Red key in Iscellent, if you missed it in Traefinne.
The items in Scarecrow Shoppe now scales with level, and sells equipment.
More hidden items!

Files adjustments:
Fonts are included in the R2 download.
Removed template files and other garbage files.


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Tear Harvester Rhyme
I recently found out that the newly-sold equipment cannot be used.
Replace this file in the /Data/ folder for the fix!

Sorry for the inconvenience!
Tear Harvester Rhyme
This file should be replaced in the /Data/ folder to be able to beat Nivenreis. I shouldn't be this careless! :(
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