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What to expect from Blood Aegis...

  • 11/07/2013 01:08 AM
Blood Aegis is a high fantasy world in where good struggles against evil.
Pretty generic, right?
Well, if you like classic turn based RPGs then I think you will enjoy the game!
It might have a few elements that people arent fond of such as random battles and heavy grinding. But I honestly think it works well here and that it wont get repetitive. I try to combat the monotone grind by offering powerful weapons early on that you can work towards whilst leveling to defeat the bosses.

I also believe the battles are stratigic enough to hold interest, and while some enemies you can just spam attack there is usually a better and more efficent way of doing it.
So if you enjoy a challenge then you might want to give it a try. And of course I am always open to suggestions on more stratigic methods as I have helped myself to some of the articles on here concerning such things. (Such as LockeZ's article and most of the posters there.)
I want something that feels unique and original, that is enjoyable for a dime a dozen rm rpg game.

So, with that all said...Blood Aegis Episode 1 demo (I call it a demo because I havent completed the two ending paths for the chapter, just the bosses and a small resolve)

-3 Story related bosses
-1 optional boss (with unique item)
-3 dungeons one being optional
-1 to 2 hours of gameplay (depending how you play)
-2 minor differing paths (one with unique boss fight)
-max level 10 with many skills to explore!

I hope this piques a few people's intetest. Give it a try, it's my first "real" attempt at a full fledged fantasy rpg, and I am in need of opinions and suggestions. Good or bad, i'll listen.

Peace out RMN!