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Mario's Mansion is released

  • kentona
  • 11/01/2011 05:26 PM
The belated release of Mario's Mansion is upon us. I tried hard to get it out on Halloween, but I just missed the mark (my son was just too cute in his little vampire's costume).

The evil wizard Kamek is turning tricks again. He has turned Luigi, Toad and Peach into ghosts! Mario (and Link) has to defeat Kamek to break the spell, but first they must unlock the barrier to his house with star power. Scour the Ghostly Hollows for 3 stars and defeat Kamek to break the curse!

Intro by Link_2112
Death Cave by jackalotrun
Dim Darkness by apa649
Ghost Castle by Davenport
Ghost Dancers by Solitayre
Ghost House by arcan
Ghost Mansion by Davenport
Ghost Tower by Davenport
Ghosthouse Blues by Desmo360
Ghostly Fortress by jackalotrun
Ghostwall by kentona
Gloom Catacombs by Davenport
Haunted Palace by Davenport
Hopeless Hauntings by apa649
House Of Ghosts by jackalotrun
House of Death by Faenon
House of Haunt by Link_2112
I Hope You Burn by Flying_pancake
Spirit Causeway by jackalotrun
Terrifying Treehouse by Deckiller
The Phantom Train by LockeZ
Turning Tricks by Link_2112
(Final Boss) Kamek's Peak by Link_2112