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Onyx Mountains

Find way to fence and find Nayrin Relic. Buy some weapons. In northwest area you can find 2× Lockpick. In the house next to the fence is chest protected to open by passcode (solution later, the hint is in the house). Here you can complete quest Cadia Blossom. Outside of the room you can read panel with quest You Don't Make Friends With Salad (walkthrough for all quests is in Optional Quests and Dungeons section). Go to the northern, bigger house, and talk to Darus, to the petitioner. In the right use Lockpick
to unlock north door. Behind the door is chest with Elixir of the Bear. Go to the house next to the fence again and talk to Idle Scout and play game The Great Divide. Rules is
in video. If you win 800 and more Etherum, you will get Nayrin Relic.
Now unlock the chest.

Go to cross and watch a cutscene. Here is place, where Novriath was captured. Efflora will dig out Broken Bow.

Leave from town and read the thirteenth entry of the Matiad's Journal. In the end is written: M2. D2. 6.T.A. Go to the Nayrin Trading Company and find chest with Elixir of the Turtle.

Enter Onyx Mountains and go to the north way and find 2× Tonic. Now quickly pull all three switches, so that has been pulled all switches at the same time. Now you can go
to the next room In east passage you can read a book. Go to the north climb the rope
and go to the south passage. Now climb down and enter door and go south to the next door. Here is Elixir of Foresight. Now go back to the second room. Now go to the next map. Here is four coloured marbles and four circles, which changing colours. Move marbles to the circles when circle have the same colour as the marble. Now go
to the fourth room. In secret passage in west you can find Nayrin Relic. Put out five
blue flames to open the door. Now enter the door and find Bethurial Ore and Fierce Gauntlets.

Go to north and do the same thing as in the first room. Here is place with lot ropes.
In chest you can find Silver Claw. In next room is marbles and circles again, but here gushes fire after certain periods from holes. In the next room is Ice Brooch Go to the southeast and find north passage. Here is not what can surprise you. Continue to
the small room with chest, which contains Nayrin Relic. Now go about two rooms back and go to north. In next room go to the east. Now here is marbles and circles, but now you must find hidden marble. After you solve puzzle go to the small room with Nayrin Relic. Now go back and continue to the north. In next room in the northeast you can find Panacea.

Fight Guardian. After battle you are binded and brought to Rykrid. Now you must explain, that you are going to search for Syndarion to the facility. Now you can read book
in Rykrid's table. Enter the middle door and find Tonic. In the southwest north passage you can find Miracle Medicine.


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I don't have a growth mindset...yet.
Great fight against the Guardian. Very excited for Faergrad.
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