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Talk to Erit, he tell you, that he didn't sleep very long, so you leave without him. Read
the fifteenth entry of the Matthiad's Journal. Go to the Nayrin Trading Company and use they Lockpick to open a chest with Elixir of Vitality. Outside find way through boulders and open chest, which contains Nayrin Relic.

Go to the Ordune. Outside of the building watch a cut scene. Now find Syndarion and watch a cut scene. There will come guards with Dalamaug, Syndarion's brother. Fight
2× Agent and Dalamaug. After battle Barelus will come with another agents and arrest you. You will lost all equipment and Etherum, Exitium Stone too. In the prison you are thinking how to run away. After several minutes Barelus will return. He tell you, that you are enemies in eyes of his serfs and they hate you, but he not. He want, that you became to allies with him. Barelus reproaches to Syndarion that he left him. Syndarion will find out that Barelus is Lemryll. Barelus at one day found an injured boy, which pleaded with him to save him. Inside he was not felling good, because, the boy was one of creatures, which thought themselves worthy to rule over them. This led to that went to war, that make them satisfied. He want you to help him to power his ship. You have two weeks to answer, after this time he will return. After Barelus leaves, another person will come here, Baaj.
He get order to follow you and help you if you get to trouble. He unlock the prison and free you. Syndarion will join your party. In right you can find 3× Tonic. Go to upstairs the guard will see you and turn on the alarm.

Destroy all 8 Memory Stations (electric chairs). The first you can find after you leave the prison. If you enter in second room west entrance and solve puzzle. You drive the boulder direction. by switches and you have to 1 minute to solve it. If you not in time, you must fight, so if you have little time leave room and enter it again. If you solve the puzzle the door will open. Here is a guards, so you must first time find equipment to fight them. If you go to left in second room and to the north in the next room at last to the east. You will find the second Memory Station and locked chest. Now return to the narrow room with west and east door. Go to the west and 3× to the south. You will find the first room from outside. Now go to the north-east, west and north. Solve the puzzle and continue to the north. Here is the third Memory Station. Now return to the room with four doors. Go to the east door. Here is your equipment and Etherum. Go to the first room from outside and to the right doors, here is the fourth Memory Station. Go to the left door in the first room and to the left in the next room. Solve the puzzle, here is hidden button. Here is chest with
Elixir of the Turtle. Now go about two rooms back. Go to the right door. Here is the fifth Memory Station.

Go to the north to the narrow room and go to the north and east. Go to the north to the narrow room and go to the north and west. In the next room go to the east. Kill the guards and destroy the sixth Memory Station. Open the chest with Panacea. Go back to the room with downstairs and go here. After south room kill the guards and destroy seventh Memory Station. Open chest with Ambrosia. Go to the north-west from the second room and pass the guards. Destroy the last Memory Station and leave Ordune. Now watch
a cut scene.
Novriath want to kill the soldiers in bridge to Azriad, but Syndarion killing people only if it is really necessary. Syndarion have another plan, in west of Onyx Mountains is cave, in which is hidden his zeppelin. After a cut scene read the sixteenth entry of the Matthiad's Journal.
Go back to the hidden chest and unlock it by Lockipick. In chest is Bethurial Ore.

The position on the video is: 0.02:00. Go to last room before the savepoint, which is before the prison. Here go to downstairs. Go to the small right passage. Here is Nayrin Relic.


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I don't have a growth mindset...yet.
You were very thorough with the locations in your written description. This will help many players.
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