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Answering some questions and add several information.

  • KaYsEr
  • 01/26/2012 08:11 PM
Thanks for these comments everybody, I am using the blog system for answering some questions and add various information.

Yes, the game will be both in French and English, the next video (with dialogue box) will show the text in English.
You can also subscribe to the YOUTUBE channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/koruldiakayz

So when I’ll put a new video you will not miss it, I will communicate on the game itself, but sometime also about “making of”, like this very first about an infected tree: http://youtu.be/-19eVgU2GLE?hd=1

(it’s kind of a little side quest, you can use a “spray” to cure these trees, sometimes there is micro biological life forms... these are “micro Korumons”, poison-type, of course the player can’t use them to fight, same for the purple “firefly” you can see sometimes, it is also “Korumon creatures”, but too little to be captured)

I will do my best to give a better English version of the game scenario/synopsis, speak about the complex universe or anything useful. I’ll update this profile as soon as I have all of this.
I will also communicate very soon about the second game based on Koruldia, an action-rpg : KoruLimbo.
(release this summer, this picture is just a little part of a big screenshot, the game is actually for X360 and PC, so this is 720p screen resolution, most of my work time is on that one for the moment)

Next video from Koruldia will show urban (suburbs) area, dialogues or stuff like that:

It’s like... You are walking around and find these 3 statues, everything is 2D classical RPG MAKER “aerial” representation, and when you get close to these statues, the camera goes 3D (without any cut) and target the orange gem on the big one, waiting for you to read what the hero has to say about it... When you are done reading, the camera returns “aerial style”.

To say the truth, this system allows me to do “Quick Time Event” stuff like in the God of War games for example.


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I like the progress that you are making. Keep up the good work. But like I said I want to see what the damn Korumon actually look like and descriptions about the creatures. :)
This is what I will focus on. (about translating in English etc)
But you can already look at these creatures on some screenshots (the kind of orange fox for example, or at the end of the teaser: the bat shooting at the camera), when you touch them on the map it will start the fight, but there is also the "pokemon style" while walking in the high grass. ;-)
Whoa, I saw this game features on CRM and OMG <3 <3 <3 this is SO SO SO PRETTY *U* congrats, and I can but hope the soundtrack completes the package!

Sorry for necroing hahahah but this does look so awesome ;w;
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