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Meet Mina

  • Byah
  • 03/17/2012 10:41 PM
Let's start by saying that the Elder is unfortunately not the third party member :((
- just because I'm old and dead *sob*

Instead, it's his granddaughter Mina!

Mina's the third and final party member, and you'll meet her in Neverday where she'll join you on your quest. Her specialties are deadly magic and a foul mouth, especially towards Golbin.
As a sorceress, her attacks include a fire bomb spell that takes a turn to explode her opponent(s), a frostbolt that reduces the target's speed to 1, and a chain lightning spell that hits 4 random targets. Also, she gets Hex at lv. 5 which transforms enemies into toads!

I was originally planning on posting a bigger update with screenshots of Neverday, but I'm having some trouble getting it to look right. So I'm currently working on the next area, a forest that has been infested with foul creatures of good, like elves, dryads and trees!
I'll try to tackle Neverday again after that's done, look forward to more updates in the future.

Also, thank you for the Spotlight on Finsterling. :)


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You deserve the spotlight, Byah!
Good luck with Neversday, mapping can be hard sometimes.
Haha, Elder got the shaft.
And trees?! Are you mad?! I will forever live in fear.
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