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When life gives you lemons...(Part 1)

This was a project I had to put on hold. I didn’t know that it was possible that a thunderstorm to toast my internet adapter AND hard disk as a side effect despite being inside the house. I didn’t know it was even possible. I didn't also know that the packrat history of dropbox is only one year and for subscribed users only.

Needless to say, I lost a lot of work in regards to this project that hit my morale pretty badly. As well as some neurotic feels towards my art in general.

After many works and releasing some games with rhyme, I think I'm ready to go back to this game somehow, at least, release the rtp demo I had for this. It just requires a lot of polishing.

So what are the list of changes?

New and Improved UI for Higher Resolution
rhyme is an amazing graphic artist and I would always love the UI design they made for Porcup. However I already used it in Princess Princess: Another Story. But with our busy schedules and ongoing projects, it's hard to ask for a new iteration. I took it upon myself to redesign Porcup's UI and here are the results so far.

This was made with Luna Engine. However, for the animation transitions, a big shout out and thank you to TDS and Neonblack for helping my ideas come into a reality. I couldn’t have done the animation easing and manipulation of sprites without these two’s help. For those who want to do some similar styles with their game, there is a public script by Galenmerth.

I've also done my share of RPG Maker-related programming and implemented high-res somehow. While it's not crazy high, I think this is the right size for me.

Redone Graphics
I would let this image do the talking:

I've done a lot for the past few months, and to the point I have to redo this entire game page. But this is as much as I can cover for now without flooding this entire blog post with too much text. Thanks for reading :)


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dat dynamic hud tho~

Old art: "Is that a guy or a girl?"
New art: "Is that a guy or a girl?"
You're magical to me.
This is looking great! I'll have to use the Luna Engine in a future game: what you can do with it looks amazing ^_^
I'd assume the first to be a guy and the second to be a girl.

Either way, looks neat!
There is just one word that can describe such awesomess,
But it's forbidden in 3247 websites and RMN is one of them.

Edit: Naia likes mushrooms!
Those portraits look amazing! Specially the girl's. The guy's looks good too, but I think the colors were better in the old version. See how his hair and jacket were of two different shades of blue? That's lost on the new version and is less "visually interesting" if you ask me...

inb4: "nobody asked you" xD
That UI is so smooth.. it kinda looks edible..

*sadly sheathes tongue* :<
Omg. ;w; <3

Archeia, the goddess of game design awe and inspiration, glittering strength and motivation wherever she goes. Omg.

Geez :| Upgrading your art from Great to Godly. Your rejected material bin is better than the stuff in half our magnum opuses.
I finally have time to reply. So much bugfixes and support from work has been cleared so it feels so gud to finally get back to RMN fully. \^p^)/

@Neok it made me laugh more that even the Kid is now confusing gender-wise for some people too!
@Unity aw thank you! I hope you get the chance to use it too ;w;
@Kylaila correct on the first one! On the second one however, you have a 50-50% chance of being correct!
@JJJ7 I'm glad that you still remember Naia <3
@Nivlacart *wriggles brows*

@alterego I definitely know what you mean, but there is a reason for all the color change that happened to Kid and why it had to be consistent with his overall look. I promise that the game explains it ;w;)b

@Caz *throws cake*

@JosephSeraph fffs ;w;''' I couldn't do it without the support of muh fwends and keeping me motivated especially when I get too frustrated when figuring things out.

@Dylhato Aw... ;w;

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