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And an action was taken...

Let's just say it began with this:
3 <Nessiah> but I did porcup work :D
07 * Decky pats :D
<Decky> nessy
<Decky> http://rpgmaker.net/games/3827/blog/8323/
3 <Nessiah> hahah
03 <Nessiah> ;3;
<Decky> two-line blog
<Decky> naughty lady :P

I have an argument as to why I posted only a two-line blog post, but I disgress. I will now rectify myself with an elaborate blog post. While I was going to let the game explain all of this, I figured I might as well write it here for people who likes world building posts and things like that.

Porcupine Princess is a prequel to Princess Princess. It will also explain the connection between Princess Princess: Another Story to these two chapters as well. The goal of the heroes in this game is to end the 30 year drought and make it rain.

Set into the fictional world of Galatea, the residents are divided into two main factions. Which is crappily illustrated below:

The Aviarian Domain is lead by the Aviarian Queen, Isabella. Aviarians can be summed up as people who have the "ability to fly" and would often be referred as Aesir and Vanir. Aviarians are also said to be the ones responsible for rain. They also have a tradition of giving flowers to beloved people. The more flower motifs you have, the well-liked you are. Let's see how many flowers our beloved Queen has...

She seems very well loved, yup.

The Arcanian Domain on the other hand is actually a divided nation. There are what they call the 7 Overlords, which are considered to be the leaders of each continent. They do however have a superior, and that is Ardius, the Overlord of the Mainlands.

This wonderful person right here~

The Arcanians are divided into different races as well. The Humans and The Demons, also known as Earthblood residents. These two races are in conflict due to their primal needs. So what do I mean by this? Well, there have been rumors (if you played Princess Princess 1.5, this should be obvious by now!), that Earthblood residents are cannibals. They eat humans and their own race alike. So a "witch hunt" was conducted and now Earthblood residents are believed to be a few and almost non-existent.

Due to unknown circumstances, Aviarians have stopped letting rain fall down to the earth. While the Arcanians, confused and angry, stopped delivering earthly goods to the Aviarians in retaliation. It lasted for 30 years and both sides are on the brink of starting a war against each other.

But of course, this is all backstory. Some people, like our heroes, are more concerned of solving the matter at hand. And that is to make it rain. And thus we enter the story of Porcupine Princess. Where our main goal is to enter the Tower of Creation.

The Tower of Creation is also known as the Home of the Fairies. They are known as the kindest and Goddess's second creation, aside from Angels (which are the first). In there lies hidden a mighty artifact called the "Aiglos." It an artifact that is known tohave been used by the Goddess to cause an Ice Age. It's also been divided into two parts. One is sealed on the Aviarian Domain and one here in the Arcanian domain.

The next-in-line Overlord of Shalza, Syrn Gehalde, abandoned his duties as a prince for this quest and to do something worthwhile for his people before he becomes an overlord.

If you remember this guy, he's also the very same, optional boss that kicked the asses of many over here:

We meet again.

So yes NicoB, that answers your question why they're not saving the princess despite the fact she's just next door.

While there is tension between the two nations, thanks to Isabelle and Ardius's interference, the Aviarians and Arcanians can still interact with each other. But a lot of people are saying it's not going to last long. That is why Syrn is doing his best, along with his mentors, Alphonse and Emily and his slave, sidekick friend Citrus, they're almost near their goal to the Aiglos.

However, whispers of an entity called, The Overlord Slayer, have been spread around and the Ames family has caught up to it. Said to have murdered the Overlord of Astroia, there had been concerns about the safety of Syrn and the rest of the overlords. Which is constantly getting in the way of Syrn's goals much to his irritation.

What became of this person is unknown...

And that's where the story of Porcupine Princess starts~


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Holy crap I either didnt know or completely forgot about half this stuff. Man am I ever a bad friend :I
Still, nice infospread :D
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