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Original Soundtrack?

  • Happy
  • 04/07/2012 01:15 PM
Hey, Happy here. I was originally aiming to create an original soundtrack for Adventure Ace when we begun the game, but the time was running low and there was other things that held higher priority, so we ended up using the music of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

So, the thing is, I did finish two tracks for the game in the beginning already, but the Crystal Chronicles tracks managed to set a perfect mood for the game. (and they're professional made)

So I was wondering whether to go with the Crystal Chronicles tracks, or make a fully original soundtrack.

If we go all original, I would still be aiming to make different type of tracks that would use world instruments, but so far they aren't as coherent in the style as the Crystal Chronicles tracks were. Though I could probably put effort to fix that, but it's more a preference question.

Anyway, here are the original tracks so far:

Pack Your Adventure Gear

Tales of Old

Tales of Old may be a bit too sad/slow for the game, but I was wondering whether it would stand out too much or not, in case there are, let's say 10 songs of varying styles, but which would still all use world instruments.


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Honestly, I think the new soundtrack sounds just as good~ By Crystal Chronicles you mean the commercial game to be used here?

I think you might you might as well go original soundtrack too, since you have all original art and gameplay. It'll be a fully custom game :D
I love Crystal Chronicles. It made me jump up and down when I heard the music playing in the game.

However, I agree with Nessiah. If you're going to have original art and gameplay, might as well have an original soundtrack!
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