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Survival Mode improved

It was for nostalgia's sake at first, but I ended up spending the entire week playing the hell out of Survival Mode. (Btw, for those who don't know, you CAN skip Story Mode and go straight to Survival Mode by selecting restart from the in-game menu) It gradually became impossible to ignore the need for an update.

Besides fixing bugs, this update focuses on game balance. In order to certify that no character was too weak I made sure I could clear Survival Mode with each character without resting except in beds.

A common complaint was the resting mechanic being tedious, which indeed it can be if the player relies upon it. The intent was for the player to rest very sparingly; thus reduced vision to make it risky and diminishing returns the longer you rest. I reworded the in-game health tutorial screen to try to convey that point. (also to convey that yes you can hold down the button!)

Anyway, if anyone else has cleared Survival Mode I'd be very interested in hearing which character you did it with! Methinks
is still the strongest, but a player who didn't author the game might have a different opinion.