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"You haven't lived until you've partied with the king of Figaro!"

Visual Novel for RPGMaker 2003

C'mon, Will. Let's go have a good time. You haven't lived until you've partied with the king if Figaro!

Amount Played:
Watched to completion.
Gameplay to Story Ratio:
This is not a game. This is a visual novel. I'll let you guess how much gameplay that entails.
Technically illegal. EVERYTHING is ripped from Final Fantasy 6. Which makes total sense. I doubt Squenix would give two shits if they knew, anyway.

It's an FF6 fic. Yeah, fanfic. Now hold on, don't go anywhere yet - this one is actually good. Good dialogue, good direction, just good.


Daaarrrr :B


Story: 10/10
Being a visual novel, it makes sense that the lion's share of the effort is on the story. And what a story it is. Maranda is a handbook in tugging heartstrings and evoking emotion. The writing is to the point and concise, saying in a single message box what it takes other makers entire scenes to articulate; and Brickroad still does it better.

Setting: Irrelevant
Easily the least solid portion of the narrative - the town of Maranda is never really explored or focused on in-depth. Not that it's required to be, or that it has any real impact on the score.

Characters: 10/10
Far stronger than the main narrative itself, which says a great deal. Characters mourn losses realistically, confront each other realistically, and ponder alone realistically. Their motives, situations, and interactions are all genuine. It's all a very convincing show of what it would be like to be occupied by Imperial forces lead by General Leo or Terra... and what it would be like to be occupied by Imperial forces lead by Celes.

Also, poor Natalie. ;;


Graphics 6/10
Everything comes directly from Final Fantasy VI. The only reason this game gets to exceed my 5/10 limit for rips is because FF6 resources are the absolute common sense choice for an FF6 fic. Although, the mapping faithfully reproduces the style of FF6, which is a nice touch.

Audio: 6/10
All of the game's audio comes from FF6 as well. Again, the fact that it's FF6 resources in an FF6 world bumps it above my usual prejudice against rips.

Interface: Irrelevant
The only menu to speak of is the Begin/Exit box (no load because it's not long at all) at the opening screen.

Overall Score


Pages: 1
Circumstance penalty for being the bard.
Chaos, you are the man.
Pages: 1