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Short an' Sweet!

Dragonfly Summer Olympics Review
An Opinion of Spirit Young

Hello there fellow gamers! I decided to write up my second review (please calm yourself) and throw down what I thought about Dragonfly Summer Olympics, the game. Please keep in mind that the project was a little on the short side so hence this review will be short as well. Let's get to it!

DSO introduces four mini games that your must compete in, come in 1st, and take home the gold to show off to your pals! I figured I'd go through each one individually due to the fact that they offer different experiences. Liftoff!

The first game I played was Discus. It took me a few tries to understand the concept (I'm a slow learner) but after I figured it out, it was easy to manage and I had fun beating it a few times over! This ended up being my favorite mini game.

Second, and I ain't kidding, I played the Archery Mini Game. All you have to do is watch the little icon bounce around the screen and puch the action button when it floats over the bullseye. Very easy to beat, but you may have to wait for a few to get in a good shot!

Then came Synchronized Swimming, a great reminder of good ol' Parappa the Rapper except this was much easier to win. I got the gold in one try! Just push the buttons that you see float on the screen and you'll be able to taste that gold!

So the final game I tried was Hurdles. It was my least favorite mini game because I never was a huge fan of button mashing. You may need a controller for this one. But, you get the rythem down with the jumps and the gold is yours.

So to wrap up this review I'm gonna throw out my likes and dislikes to your amusement!

Love the custom graphics. Good work!
Has good replay value if you enjoy earning higher scores.
Very easy and simple to get into.
Great programming as far as using an RPG Maker program goes!

Very short, only four events.
Not much of a soundtrack being a fan of game music.
No ending? Dang. You just play until you get called for supper.

So do I recommend this game? Of course I do! The only major issue I had with the game was that I won gold for each event and nothing happended. I gotta have closure to my victories! Oh well. If this game had more events, options, and playtime I would give it an easy 5! However . . ..