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Sacred Reviews: World of Bob - Christmas Hide and Seek


I'll admit I find myself a bit frustrated with this game since I decided to take a look at it since it looked like it would be a rather short project, but the game is missing a file of some sort in story mode which causes the game to crash shortly after completing the first of six mini games. And since this game was originally in Hungarian the error message is also in that language and uses a few characters that can't be properly represented by my computer. As a result there's only about 5 to 10 minutes worth of content you can explore before you stumble across an unavoidable and game ending bug.

About the only thing I can tell you is that my attempts to translate the one word I can see resulted in google returning "finger roles 1". A name that isn't particularly helpful since I'm not sure if that means I'm missing a weird graphical file or if it's the name of a weird Christmas song I've never heard of before. After all, there are some truly weird song names out there like "My Glasses are Addicted".

Though considering the current download supposedly comes with the RTP the most likely culprit is this is probably some sort of sound file, but I really don't have the time to check that tonight. So I'll try and focus on the few minutes of content I can access in this review.


You play as Buby, a friendly slime, whose attempting to return Bob, a young chick, to his nest. A task that will require the player to overcome puzzles and mini-games. At least I assume there will be puzzles considering there is an image file for this game that includes what appears to be moveable boulders. At any rate this game isn't meant to be taken all that seriously so just try to have a fun ride with it. Albeit it will be a very short ride and mostly involves trying to avoid being pecked to death by a bunch of roosters as you attempt to steal their seeds in order to bribe Bob into returning home. And considering the game doesn't end after you get the seed you'll probably be spending a lot of time on trying to get your grubby, slimy tendrils on Bob's favorite things.


Sadly the game doesn't last long enough to get a feel for the overall quality of the game, but outside of exploring every nook and cranny of the world outside Uncle George's house. You also get to play a Pac-man clone as previously mentioned. Though that clone is a bit disappointing in that you can't eat the Chickens when you've activated the power candy since they come intangible ghosts so you just phase through them like they aren't even there.


The game uses a combination of RTP assets, RTP edits, and a few original pieces like the face portraits for Buby. And despite all of this the game still feels fairly consistent visually. Probably because the bulk of the stuff you'll run across is either directly from the RTP or a slight edit of those materials.


The game contains midis of a few different songs. As such the game definitely comes across as a bit different from other games that are freely available since it doesn't rely on the RTP for everything. Though I do question why a slime traveling across the land sounds like a person walking through snow. After all, it's not like Buby has legs. Though I suppose the sheer oddity of Buby sounding like he/she/it is walking is meant to be a joke. Sort of like the Pac-man mini game involving the chickens is meant to be a joke. After all, the infamous Benny Hill Theme plays in the background as you try to avoid chickens while collecting their seeds.


Sadly I think this game would be worth a play if it was fully functional, but as it stands it really isn't worth it in my opinion. After all, you barely get a chance to start your quest before the game suffers from an eventing error or missing file that causes the game to close as soon as you press on ok.