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Cyber Factor is a Rm2k3 game that I've been making off and on since 2003-2004. It started as a Rm2k project, then became a Rm2k3 project and then a RMXP project (which is mainly where most of last year's development went) and now has returned to Rm2k3. This demo contains 2-4 more hours (maybe more idk) of gameplay which covered the entire 1st area and its related story arc.

NOTE: If you still have your save from the previous demo DO NOT USE IT WITH THIS VERSION since I've redone the way you gain Tech Arts (You use to gain one of 3 Tech Arts when you reacted Rank (Lv.) 5 but now you gain them when your Body, Mind or Soul reach a certain levels meaning now you'll eventually have all 3 of them) and done alot of other changes that might break the game if you use the old save files. For the record in future demos you should be able to use Save files from this demo since I don't plan to make any more major changes.

What is Cyber Factor?
A semi-nonlinear RPG (think like Legend of Mana) based on a theory I had after stupidly watching the Matrix & Lawnmower Man on the same day (something I suggest you never do). I thought about how quickly AI has improved in videogames from when they were first created. Now imagine in say 100 years from now the AI in games will probably be so advanced that the game's characters will probably believe themselves to be alive & they will be after all when you think about it aren't we just an advanced code ourselves? Well what if this is all just a code written by beings more advanced than us? Many religions state that a god created everything well what if the method used by this god is the same method that we will use in 100 years to create a game world? Cyber Factor is a Rm2k3 RPG based around this theory.

So What's the Story?
This is sorta hard to explain in a game such as this but basically Cyber Factor happens in a world very much like our own only people are well aware of there datalogically coded make-up. The world itself has nearly been completely deleted by Viral creatures known as Geist. You play a guy named Heiro, created from Life Data that fell from the sky & it's your job to restore the world. There is no basic "this guy's evil go kick his ass plotline" to tell since through the course of the game many events happen each leading to a conclusion so I s'pose a summary of the story would go something like "You play Heiro & it is your job to restore the world while fighting against the Geist cause".

You Restore the World? How Exactly Do You Do That?
After completing events you gain what is called World Data & by using said data at restore points on the map you can restore anything from a single town, to a mountain range, to a continent. You then venture into these newly created areas completing new events & gaining more World Data. You can also change the areas themselves such as adding in a bridge or blocking off a lake to stop the water flow by finding & using Extra Data at reorganization points.

Game Features
-Restore the world using a system inspired by the Soul Blazer series & Legend of Mana.
-Enemies are see-able on the field & chase you similar to Grandia.
-Customized DBS with a heavier emphasis on the tactical use of arts.
-Combi system allows you to use powerful combinations of the arts you've obtained.
-Read various pages of books on shelves.
-Unique upgrading system allocate skill points into the catagories Body, Mind & Soul to upgrade your stats & learn new Arts as you level up.
-Battlechars with more than 3 frames per animation.
-Battle voices. (heyas & such)
-Various optional mini-games. (This will be the next thing I work on)
-Fight in an arena for money & items (Not in this demo, this is in area 2).
-Create and customize a robot mech in the in-game video game "Mobile Gear" and battle against the mechs of NPCs across the world. (One of the next things I'll work on, I consider it a mini-game, just a larger one)
-New Game +, play the game over with your ending stats & Arts as well as a few special items allowing you to discover new secrets within the game. (Obviously not in this demo or any demo following this one since it will only work when the game is finished)
-6 endings as well as 2 extra endings obtainable after New Game +. (Maybe I should remove these 2 from the features till the game is done?)
-Use alchemy to combine Extra Equipment to make new ones.
-Not really a feature but you can now see which Tech Arts Elemental Arts can make Combis with in the description of the Elemental Art's Exe Installer. Please keep in mind that some Elemental Arts also make new Combis with other Elemental Arts, theses aren't in the desrciptions.

Age: Born when the game begins but his humanoid form appears as a 15 to 17 year old.
Weapon: Soliton (Sword)
Heiro was created from the Life Data that fell from the sky, has the ability to transfer and move the world's data at will. That's really all there is to know about him as you will decide his personality by how you play the game & what you say to other characters.

Zoei Fritzgard
Age: 18
Weapon: Z Armor (Martial Arts)
Zoei is the daughter of Cirel Fritzgard a famous Professor of Datology (the science of data & coding of it) & the creator of the Heaven's Edge Airship. After the fall of Helmsberg 12 years ago Zoei was taken in by Heaven's Edge & is now on her way to one day becoming an Einlanzer (Einlanzer: A military force based on Heaven's Edge who are trained to fight Geist).

Kayne Alexander
Age: 35
Weapon: Varii Gun (A gun that can shoot any know type of bullet)
Kayne is a monk of the Shrine of Onnu & son of the famous monk Azriel Alexander and Fheyana a mysterois woman found by his father near the Shrine of Onnu one day. It is said that he is the one who discovered the book which contains the Lux Legend but if this is true or not is unknown.

Serafin Alexander
Age: 42
Weapon: Gaian (Book)
Serafin is Kayne's older brother. He's gained fame as a warrior monk who travels the world destroying Geist with his followers. Some people look to him as the world's only hope.

Jack Banner
Age: 32
Weapon: Brawlingtons (Gauntlets)
An Einlanzer, Jack was a close friend of Cirel Fritzgard. During the fall of Helmsberg it was Jack who saved Zoei & brought her to Heaven's Edge.

Saceli Irving
Age: 36
Weapon: Excalia (Sword)
Saceli is a member of the Irving family of knights who have long served the Mano royal family. She was a childhood friend of Mari Fritzgard, Zoei's mother. After the Mano-Mona Kingdom's deletion Saceli joined Heaven's Edge mainly as a teacher but she also takes part in some missions.

Caprine Callenco
Age: 18
Weapon: Nothing (Attacks like your little sister)
Caprine is the daughter of the notorious mobster team of Sal Callenco & Rachelle Karris. Caprine joined the Junior Einlanzers around the same time as Zoei & they quickly became bestfriends & have even rented an apartment on the Eastside of Heaven's Edge together...well actually she pays like 95% of the rent but...well they live there together.

NOTE: There are some more characters who join you during certain events Legend of Mana style. The one you need to know from this demo is...

Wendolyn D'Marco (Wendy)
Age: 10
Weapon: Change Purse (Yeah really, an old lady's change purse)
A pirate captain from an unknown land. Claims to be from an orphanage somewhere but her true origins and how she became a captain over pirates at such a young age are a mystery.

Things You Need to Know Before Playing the Demo
Enemy Weaknesses: The icons beside the Geist name aren't there elemental properties it's there weaknesses. As will be explained later (you play Zoei during a class) unlike most RPGs enemies in Cyber Factor don't have certain elements but they are weak to certain types of attacks. For example a Ruby Dragon just because all its attacks are Fire based doesn't mean it's weak to Water. Its "fire pit" is inside its belly but the mighty horn on its head is a direct line to its nervous system, this means that it's actually weak to Lightning. So you see weaknesses aren't based on a "this counters this" system but on more realistic terms thus I'd be crazy if I expected you to just look at an enemy & figure out what it's weak to. Every enemy has atleast 1 Tech weakness & Elemental weakness & exploiting these weaknesses is key to battle superiority.

Combi Arts: As you perform Normal Attacks & Arts you'll notice that the Trianglar Meters next to the character's name will fill (they fill more when you use Arts). When atleast 1 of these meters is filled you can then perform a Combi Art. Combi Arts usually do not use Energy (MP).

Saving: You can save anywhere so don't go around looking for a save point cause there aren't any.

Latest Blog

Progress Report 4/2014

First off yep I'm still working on the game. It's nearing completion so there's no way I could even dream of quitting at this point.

So knowing that I'd imagine that your next question would be "Then what the crap is taking you so long?" and the answer to that would be that in reality I lack the time due to other projects and real world stuffs to give the game the proper attention it deserves.

But I will soldier on and I'll finish it one day... I just hope the PCs of that day can actually still run Rm2k3... (I'm joking it won't be THAT long).

Actually I'll probably have a butt ton of free time in May so I'm hoping to get a good deal of work done then (that is if I don't give in to the still in the plastic copy of Dark Souls 2 that's been staring me down for weeks now...)

Ok so now that the excuses are out of the way let's get down to business shall we, the actual update:

My most recent work was actually a pretty big step towards completion, I finally finished making the proper animations for every Tech, Elemental and Combi Art(Skill) in the game (Beforehand I had just been using "templates").

The game has ALOT of Arts especially when you consider Combis (Combination Arts).
In all there's...

30 Tech Arts spread amount your party members (10 per person)
+66 Tech + Tech or Elemental Combi Arts spread amoung them as well (22 per person)
+30 Shared Elemental Arts
+56 Shared Elemental + Elemental Combi Arts
Which means that in all you're looking at something like 182 unique Arts.

So you can probably see why I put off doing all their animations for so long. It was actually more fun than I expected though. Well except for the actual finding of the sprites and the editing, don't know why but I've always hated doing sprite work. I'm definitely gonna have to team up with an artist on my next game...

Piercing Edge + Light Sphere = Shining Edge

So what else have I done recently? Well I also performed a massive overhaul on the way the world map works. Originally the 3 main continents Everlon, Nevada and Mano-Mona (which the cape in the previous Demo was a part of) were 3 separate maps as this made it easier to handle all the events related to restoring different places and changing the map itself but this gave it a very "disconnected" feel having the screen go black as you traveled.

I also felt that that this downplayed both the overall theme of Restoration Vs. Destruction and the feeling of accomplishment I want players to feel after having brought the entire world back from what was just a tiny wuttle island in the beginning.

So now instead of being in separate sectors this is how the world will look once you've restored it all...
(Hidden because I don't want to spoil it for anyone who doesn't wanna see it till they play, not to mention it's kinda huge)

I've removed some of the events for spoiler reasons. I was gonna remove them all but... you know... that's alot of events lol. Also the big grey spot with all the events on it is a city but you can't see the buildings in this mode so sorry about that.

I also finished the engine for a submarine which can be used to explore certain deep sea areas of the game.

The sub using its laser drill to break through stone blocks.

The other blocks above fall when you break through lower ones so pay attention so that you're not stuck with only unbreakable grey blocks.

The sub also uses a "mock" 1st person battle system. The graphical elements of it aren't finished enough to show yet but the engine itself is done. How it works is your sub has 4 main parts in battle that make actions: the Conning Tower, Port (Left side), Starboard (Right side) and Engine...

-The Conning Tower can be used to give orders to redirect power to weapons or shields or repair damaged parts of the ship
-Port contains the Laser Drill and a paralyzing Shock Net
-Starboard has torpedoes which you can use to attack a single enemy or use a "salvo" to attack them all at once.
-And the engine is used to recharge the other parts of the sub (basically the "MP/EN" of the sub) and ram enemies.

If the Conning Tower is destroyed it means game over, if the Engine is destroyed you have no way of getting energy to the other parts of the sub and losing Port or Starboard greatly decreases your attack potential, I'm working on balancing this but that's the current plan anyway. Ultimately my hope is that the sub makes exploring the ocean a more worthwhile/fun experience.

Oh one more thing, I haven't finished it yet but I'm also working on another feature which I'm VERY proud of, a post-game 100 floor randomly generated dungeon called the "Chaotic Zone". After every 10 floors players will have to face a unique boss and it even has its own story focusing on the origin of a certain "special" Geist.

At the current balance the main game should end with you somewhere in the Rank(Lv.) 50+ range but the Chaotic Zone is being designed to take you all the way to Rank 100. It will also have some unique loot that will probably be way too powerful for the main game but should be fun to play around with in New Game+.

Well that's about it for my recent work on Cyber Factor. The only other thing I've done recently is boring balancing related things that you probably don't wanna hear about so I guess that's it.

I also just wanted to take this time to say thank you to anyone out there still waiting on this. Over the years as I've worked on this game I've gotten more love and encouragement from many people across many sites across the web than I could have ever asked for and even though I might be the blunt instrument that's hammering this game out without you my lazy butt probably would have quit long ago. My only hope at this point is that this project will ultimately become a game that lives up to your expectations and be one that I will proudly look back on forever. From the bottom of my heart thank you for keeping me motivated.
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I'm glad to see that this game wasn't abandoned. I love the demo and can't wait to see more.
thank you leric, this was a really fun demo! the gameplay is great and there are a lot of cool concepts and features
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
Sorry about complaining that the digital nature of the world should be a surprise- you said quite clearly that the people were quite aware of it at the beginning. I'm gonna try the demo again. Let me know if you need anything.

I hope you don't mind if I do a little proofreading along the way . . . for example, I'm guessing you meant the monks should consecrate their partners, as a coronation is the crowning of a king or queen.

BTW, , would you mind if I worked with the bits of "20,000 Leagues under Nevada"? I think I could take what you have and spin it into a couple of "novel excerpts" for possible insertion into the game . . .
No need to apologize. In actuality the original plan WAS for it to be a surprise (you know that whole cliche "hey guy this isn't the real world,THAT'S the real world" thing") but as I kept working on the story and more elements began to fall into place I decided to make that element well known in the world of Cyber Factor. I have some deeper things related to the world and it's placement related to ours (or if it is in fact our world) that I can surprise you with. Not to mention I don't think the game would be quite the same if I didn't make that clear. Like how I tend to mix modern, futurist and medieval setting together, sometimes even in the same place. This would have just looked weird without the knowledge of what the world is suppose to represent.

And yeah proofread all you want, I suck at English (even more so back when I started this game) so yeah I have no problem with you doing whatever makes the game better for you. Also yes please do the novel excerpt thing, I love stuff like that in games like the Elder Scrolls so yeah you writing actual excerpts would be fantastic. I've written a TON of back story for this game (I have around 50 pages of info just on Heaven's Edge) and I actually have 73 planned out in-game books, TV shows, movies and video games. Honestly I don't even know WHY I actually planned out all this stuff in the first place since most of it won't even make it in the game (Zoei is a film buff so I try to get her to throw out references whenever I can), I guess I just fell in love with the world and most of it seemed to write itself really. Plus I have a friend who I've shared alot of background info with and now it's gotten to the point where he'll just come up and ask me stuff about the world, not even the game itself just the universe it exists in so I think alot of the planning also came from never wanting him to ask something I don't actually have an answer to.

Yep still working on the game... slowly working on the game that is. With every passing month college becomes more demanding and because I'm in school actually for game development it doesn't leave alot of time for RPG Maker. I'm almost finished with the second area so only one more area to go. Game should be out... probably before you guys die of old age atleast. But hey if I take two more years I can make it a Rm2k3 10 year anniversary game right? Yeah I'm jk it shouldn't take me two more years... I hope.

Also I forgot to mention, how do you guys feel about mp3 music? I've gone through 3 pcs during the development of this game and one thing that's always bugged me is the fact that on each machine the music sounds slightly different. Back when I started the game I thought I'd just have to deal with it because having a huge download would pretty much alienate your game completely but nowadays with all this faster newfangled internet-magic I don't know. I mean honestly mp3 music would probably make this game HUGE (remember each boss has different music) but I'm pretty such I could get every song in the game's mp3 version (except the battle music, don't know where the hell that's from but that's why I like it too) and I'd probably have alot more diverse choices as well (I like Legendia/Ys style violins, although I'm not so sure how that would work with this game's overall style though, I'd probably go with a more traditional 32-bit era RPG music style) which would mean a much better sound track.
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
I plan to do some of the aforementioned things After my play through. I'll also want to discuss the details of the "Nevada" tale,-are these real peolpe, in which case you might already have names planned for them? I wouldn't want to screw that up.. But in the second excerpt I'd like to say they're traveling with Captain Nero of the Belemnion.

. . .

*Groan* Triumph Fork. . .

Also why DO you have a different theme for each boss? Coo,l but is it wise?
BTW, one or two of the tunes need something -an event 0, I believe- inserted after the intro so only the send part loops.
I also have a few tunes I made randomly that might be interesting for the future.
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
*has finished Demo A1* Not bad! I look forward to more and I'll be glad to help in any way possible!
My mind is full of fuck.
Bug where after you fight the Wendigo, you can control Zoei, and before the scene, where I'm at right now.
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
I really feel the term "Spontaneous Evolution” is a misnomer, as true evolution occurs amid a population over time, not among individuals. It's more of a reactive adaptation. . . and as far as I can tell, Geist are probabilistic! Essentially,until you face them, they're in a superposition of possible states, and only take final form(s) when you attack. *goes off to bone up on his understanding of quantum mechanics*
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
For anyone having trouble against the skeleton- make certinn to DEFEND, people! It'll save your life when the missiles come.
was thinking about this game today

that's how awesome it is
what happened to the download i wonder
Whoops sorry should have caught this sooner...
The old link provided by SegNin is down (it was a MegaUpload link, all those sites are being obliterated lately). I've re-uploaded to my locker (that's new) and hopefully fixed the link.

Right now it's still pending, don't really know how long that lasts but it should be up again soon, sorry about that...

Well while I'm here I might as well update you all on my progress. It's going slow as always due to school and other things but yeah it's still going. Honestly I'd say it's going faster than ever since I've ACTUALLLY made a work schedule now and for the most part I'm sticking to it, balancing real coding school projects, other projects and Cyber Factor. I'm done with the 2nd area and halfway through the 3rd, most of the remaining work is touch ups, balancing and making optional content.

I've also replaced ALL the music with MP3s so yeah it's better in the musical area too. I decided to switch after I bought a new PC and noticed the difference in some of the songs (some didn't even play...). The paranoid thought that someone might play the game and not hear ANYTHING disturbed me to no end.

Going by the schedule I should be finished somewhere in the August-September range as long as everything goes according to plan that is.
how strange ,but I'm sure this will be good
how strange ,but I'm sure this will be good
When I first started this game I remember I wanted to make something where I'd be free to work even outside the limits of the laws of our world itself so yeah it probably is alittle... strange lol. I'm a big fan of 1950s-ish SUPER SCIENCE so I tend to like to break a few "scientific laws" here and there in the name of making what's hopefully a more interesting fantasy story. Hope you like it!

Progress is coming along quite well though it'll probably be alittle bit later than I said before. The main game work is actually done and now it's just a matter of how long will it take for me to balance and polish some things here and there and finish the extra content.
You mean the game is almost done? I've been looking forward to this for a while.
Yep shouldn't be too much longer :)
Though I s'pose the exactly release depends on how much time I actually have to work on it (reason why I haven't set anything in the target completion date yet).
I'm just glad the game wasn't silently canceled.

"This video is private"

But yeah I get your point lol.
Progress is still going... slowly due to work, college and my randomly dieing PC that's on its last leg (I have like a hundred backups so there's no chance of this being one of those "I lost the work" situations).

Honestly I'm actually done... well technically... there's still ALOT of polishing, testing and balancing to do and I'm considering putting in some of the extra endgame ideas that I cut in order to finally finish it.

So yeah it's coming... just really slowly... besides holidays and not sleeping to work on it I literally have no time to work on anything at all nowadays :(