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Show's over folks! (This was kind of obvious)

  • Ghost
  • 06/30/2012 12:33 PM

Thought I should take this time to finally communicate a little bit. I'm really a Ghost!

So that's what I'm going to do here with this blog post... Talk a bit, ne?

*hides face in the shadows while talking

To the point, this game has been dead for awhile. I hope that was a bit obvious for subscribers / fans (lol 5 people). I was originally going to make this game and everything was going gravy until I realized that the game despite being real deep and all came off as a typical jrpg. Mostly the setting and era (though everything in the game is fictional). You know, kings, castles, medieval setting, fantasy elements and what have you. That would have eventually change down the road... but I still wasn't having that *lites cigar.

Yeah, so what I did was just basically summarized the story and integrated into another project. That project would be essentially be "Part 2". I never called it that because I don't know, who cares? That caused some problems down the road though. Let me clear some things up.

Infinite Seed - This is part 1, the name still has significant implications, a major part of the plot in all its renditions. It sounded dumb though, really dumb so I changed it.

Eternal Night - This is the exact same project as Infinite Seed, this name also has a huge part in the game's plot. It sounded less lame to me I guess. This is part 1 of the game series but I changed much of the events that occur for at least a few hours of the game. Oh and there were some graphical changes. The parts I did complete (originally with Infinite Seed) was too boring and off the ball, I mean some people may have found it interesting enough to keep playing but me personally, I probably would have shut it off, I'm a picky when it comes to playing games. So I changed a bunch of first half of the game, the events / art, and it got a lot better. *Graphical Revisions: Changed face set art, graphical system art, added new tilesets.

Solemn Drifter - This is part 2 in the game series as I mentioned. I'm big on making games epic, I wrote a lot of stuff for this series. But I realized as a game it was pretty bad it would have been so much more better to just write a scifi fantasy novel. I mean it was way too hard to make this a game series by myself without taking shortcuts, which I really didn't want to make. *Graphical Revisions: Changed the graphics entirely, went back to original art but more "space" hohoho

So what did I do? I made a new game entirely for Solemn Drifter. New cast, new events, etc by simply revisiting my written stuff. I wanted to take the game to space, so I figured out how to do that. I wanted to even add a Tactical Battle System...

on top of a "reinvented" (lol) frontal battle system that was a lot more animated and cool then the standard frontal battles. This game was more about political strife, it had cool themes like a tyrannic empirical governing force full of sassy aristocrats, space battles, a cool trade / bartering system that just "worked" with the game perfectly. I didn't let down with the fantasy elements and pumped it through out series. This game had a huge developing time given to side characters or important NPCs. It had an ensemble class similar to Final Fantasy 6, there wasn't really a main character. Well at the beginning it was like that but that quickly dissolved until I focused in on a few key party members again later. I used whatever method I thought was cool and made sense to advance the story.

I think what I liked about this series was how connected and deep the concept was. The majority of what I pen down had meaning and connected with other parts of the series, across both game concepts. It was fun thinking like that, I felt it provided it would have provided a lot of depth and I was pretty anxious to see share that with people so they can describe their experience.

I wrote a little about how I think when it comes to game design. Don't read it, it's really bad (I'll make more in the future).

For this game, I shed a light on what had occur in the predecessor by bringing back a character from from the original series, this was really fun because I could talk about part 1 with words and art without actually making an entire game heh, a game I didn't want to make really!

It was this guy, this scene has nothing to do with that though and is boring don't click it.

I even wrote some unique history new planet in part 2. It's actually really shallow in the video as there were some indigenous races / tribes that I didn't mention at all. This sort of seeps into the game later as they come back stronger then ever.

So what now? What am I working on?

All versions of this game is cancelled! That's right, it's a bit too much to handle by myself and too long. I would like to credit a few people here now actually,


Ultima187, This guy is awesome and helped me with tiles a lot like ideas or rips.

Psywombats, was pretty much with me whenever I gave him a shout and was pretty quick to pull up a drawing board to figure out how to implement my ideas into a game effectively.

Tau, He submitted a map which was v cool.

Ciel - For deleting my old blog Puppet Pirates. I was going to link a lot more modern images of Solemn Drifter but he's a "bad"...

Shmup Crew, for doing nothing really, Ocean helped with stuff.

What's next?

I will put this series to rest for now and will not attempt to make a game with any of the ideas here. I wouldn't mind working on a sci fi / fantasy trilogy, like a novel... I actually have that high up on my to do list, right after my current game project!

I am not done games though as I mentioned. I am working on a game I wish to sell commercially called Rainfall. You could probably swift through my personal blog to find out some more information, I'll be making a new location SPECIFICALLY for this new project and my blog is the best place to stay informed really. The concept for this new game is far more relaxed. I focus more on character development, aesthetics / visual atmosphere (the experience), gameplay, and though the game is not as story heavy as my last series, old habits die hard! I'm plotting is all I can say :). This game focus a lot on travel, NPCs will be engaging and not your average "WELCOME TO PALLET TOWN" folk... I've also had this really cool theme I want to explore, lets just say this theme is an abstract concept.

Anyways, real glad I got that out there finally. I'll be working full-time on my new game project. I still have a burning desire to see this old series out. The concept, been sitting on it since 2006 or 2007? I definitely have a strong urge just write the story out, see what happens :).

My that was long winded post, hope you didn't fall asleep *returns inside pokeball

Personal Blog: http://www.vibrantsea.tumblr.com
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/macubex12


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I can't wait :D I read your first devlog and it sounds really interesting. I really love puzzles in RPGs but it seems like a lot of people overlook them, probably because they can be challenging to create. It'd be really refreshing to see puzzles featured more prominently xD

I wrote a little about how I think when it comes to game design. Don't read it, it's really bad (I'll make more in the future).

That's actually not a bad article! It was pretty well-written and it encouraged people to try different things with their games. I really liked what you said about letting the player control NPCs/other party members, just changing the point of view. If you write more I'll definitely read them >>b
Wow, really cool you went through all that :). I didn't even know you could edit submissions until just now, edited that article I linked in the blog post. Will be making a new devlog there very soon too :).

Cool.gif ~
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