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Four friends from the same university go out camping together. But while gathering firewood, strange sounds can be heard from the forest.
After that, things get gradually worse.
This is the classic camping-trip-gone-wrong movie from the eighties made into a RPG Maker game.

It features a minimalistic soundtrack, with mainly the ambiance of the forest and all the creatures in it accompanying you in the increasingly dark forest.

I recommend turning off all lights, pulling down the blinds and putting on headphones for maximum enjoyment.
Playtime is roughly 20 minutes.
Story is based upon the Skinwalker creature and the stories surrounding it.

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  • 03/06/2013 05:08 AM
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Brady, alterego, chill. I get that neither of you is probably actually mad at the other, but it sounds like you're scrapping over semantics. I'd assume you both agree that the creator's vision and the feedback he gets are important to game design.

As for the hobby vs. serious community thing, why not just let Snow decide which of the two he identifies more with? I'm pretty sure most artists/writers/game designers/musicians fall somewhere in the middle of that fun-activity to serious-art spectrum.

I don't really get what the two of you are disagreeing over, since it sounds like you both have valid points. Points that don't actually contradict each other.
@Brady: You're right, you never said that the creator's ideas were better; but you keep saying that theirs take priority over anyone else's, and that not only conveys the same message, but is the one little detail I cannot agree with. Because for me, only REASON stands above everything else; not gut instinct, or artistic integrity or watchu-wanna-call-it... If someone came to me with substantial fundaments as to why change something in my game, I'd change it, as long as it were under my capabilities. And I say this as a hobbyist too. ;)

But anyway, Kumada is right. So, pour on your last thoughts if you want, but as far as I'm concerned this ends here.

And just to clarify. I'm not mad or anything. I may stress some words or cuss a little, but life is too short to get mad...
Was Built From Pixels Up
What can I say; I like to get into a good debate.

People don't need to argue or have disagreements for a discussion to develop. May not be the perfect place for it, but it remains relevant. After all, the discussion is about deciding which feedback to act upon, which is exactly Snow's predicament: add more gameplay or not.

Well, it seems like that's the thing that's come up the most already at least.
So since this is likely the final version unless bugs pop up, I would like someone to check it out and give me some thoughts before I release it. If anyone is willing I'll send a link via PM when I'm done with it tomorrow or possibly today.
Was Built From Pixels Up
Sounds good; I'll have a look at it if you want~
Was Built From Pixels Up
New version is great stuff, much better than the last one. The player interaction shifted in the right direction, and it's paced out better.

Will need to keep an eye out for your next project~
i was expecting a jumpscare lol
nice very nice
got a bad end though
sad for me
Here it is folks, my review and some questions answered from Snow Owl, I hope y'all enjoy it! Heres the Review. Feel free to leave comments, and once again great job Snowowl!
Thanks. Picture at the top looks kinda gray though. Either way, good read. I'm happy you liked the game enough to take the time to write it up and publish it on your blog.
I know this is kinda stupid but, how exactly do you save in this game? I mean, there's no menu so everytime I shut the game up I need to play everything all over again :[
It's a pretty short game. I'm sure you can handle playing 20 minutes in a row.
So to answer the question, there is no save feature implemented.
I must say for a rpg maker game, this game gave me the chills. That moment when you chose to go outside or not, I was like FUCK that im staying inside, but I believe that is why I got the bad ending. I THINK i will try it again but damnit its creepy xD
Yeah 2D and horror usually don't get along very well, although there are a few exceptions.
So I got quite a few downloads at a pretty fast rate compared to my other projects.
Do you want to see more games like these?
The reason I want to know is to assure me this genre is worth pursuing.

The statistics seem to be in favor of it, but I would love to hear some opinions too. Is one plenty?
I would definitely love to see more things like this. I feel like if you did more, each one would have the potential to be better than the one before it, especially if you tried new things and experimented with how far you could take the experience. Though I haven't gotten to it yet, I'm planning on doing a playthrough of this game that I upload to Youtube, provided you are cool with that.
I'm cool with that. And yeah, this game is the first of this type I've made, so it's all pretty experimental.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
This is an exceptionally beautiful game, well done!
I did a video on this, I'll be uploading the next part tomorrow or the day after. Thanks for the wonderful experience, hope you get a laugh from my video.
Watched it, and chuckled a few times. The stuff on the sides is pretty distracting though.
Also I didn't realize Celeste was that unusual of a name. Maybe I'm damaged from playing RPG's where it's a ordinary name.

Number of the beast?
Sorry just had to.
Anyway, decided to make another horror game. Keep your eyes open.