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As soon as you start "Hello Panda", a splash screen in the form of a blood splat reflecting three panda bears with shotguns appears on your screen. Communist pandas? No. This is the "Hello Panda", a cruel criminal organization of three panda bears, who happen to be sisters... and who are thirst for blood. Word is out that there are four famous paintings out there that are actually weapons of mass destruction... and protected by none other than KOALA BEARS. And the Hello Panda troupe must get them... and they will reign bullet hell on all those who get in their way. This game was programmed by Hima, the same guy who did that popular shoot-em-up for RMXP, USG: The New Generation (very brilliant game, one of my favourites) and it was made in less than two weeks for a site contest, which it placed first in.

You get to choose from the three Panda sisters. They include: Artemis, who wields twin guns and has a wide range; Athena, the speedy one who wields throwing knives; and Pandora, the bizarre one who wields... two floating panda heads to her side that shoot bullets. They each have their own "Crimson Move" and "Crimson Drive". Crimson Move would range from a laser to a force field that will damage enemies and erase bullets. When you defeat an enemy with a Crimson Move, all of their bullets will disappear from the screen. However, you must raise your Blood Gauge by killing enemies normally to do this. And boy, you're going to want to do this. You've ever been to bullet hell, friend? IT AIN'T PRETTY!


The Crimson Drive is a special move that will wreak havoc on all enemies on-screen for up to ten seconds! You may only perform these if you manage to do a "blood trade" to win some Blood Packs. You can also power up your weapon via the blood trade. There is also a move called "Parrying" where you stop shooting for a while and then shoot just before a bullet hits you and your panda will destroy nearby bullets. This is a nice way to keep you from holding down the Shoot button throughout the whole level and add some strategy to the mix.

Take that, fuckin Koala!

You have four difficulties to choose from when you start the game: Little Panda, Teen Panda, Killer Panda and Lunatic Panda. If you're not familiar with bullet hell games, I say go for Little Panda. If you are, I say go for Killer. Choose Lunatic if you really want to get your ass served to you. The game's graphics are not the best but they are fluid and do not lag (at least not on my computer). And Hima has a nice theme of red running through the game. Gameplay is like a regular shoot-em-up except you're a panda swinging her hips as she is walking across an entrance way or a ballroom, shooting up dust maids and prancing minions that come your way, spraying bullets. The action is accompanied by a soundtrack taken from gratuitously violent movies such as The Matrix and the gory Kill Bill, Volume One. And that just makes it all the more awesome.

Did I mention the bullets?

The only gripe I have is that, like most shoot-em-ups, it does get repetitive. And I don't like that you can continue where you left off after a Game Over. That kind of eases the tension in your shoulders... which is not a good idea for a shmup. As for bugs, it seems Hima really doused this with the pesticide as I couldn't find one save for the occasional grammatical error in the introduction and the dialogue. But English is the dude's second language so I'll give him a break. If you liked USG or bullet hell games, give this a try. If you did not play USG, give this a try and then immediately download USG and give that a try. These are both incredibly fun games.

And did I mention the bullets?


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Thanks for the great review, Strangeluv <3 <3 <3

I might remaking this or something. It has been brought up, but we have other stuffs to do X( But yeah , I really miss these three panda killers <3
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