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It's all Arks fault (again) Meditation #1

  • Despite
  • 07/29/2015 08:53 AM
I'll be damned, I never thought I'd make significant progress in gam mak ever again, but here I am.

In an attempt to breathe back life into this profile I guess I should give a progress report on where this game stands in regards to something resembling a playable demo.

First off story wise I think I finally prepared a story that I am at least satisfied with. After years of this thing bouncing around in my head I have accumulated enough plot holes and embarrassing dialogue to finish this game and 18 sequels. But let us leave it at that until I release a demo for you all to experience that first hand with.

MAPPING! Yes, mapping is going splendidly! Atmosphere is a big part of the game and as such I'm placing a good amount of emphasis on making maps unique and immersive. Check out a before and after image of a recent screenshot I submitted:

As you can see I went over the map again to give it a darker look, so quaint.

I broke the battle system again.

Well, to be specific I was working on implementing some mechanics of my own design into the battle system. The good news? The mechanics work and I'm finally done with the blueprint that I will be working off of.

The bad news? I fucked the HUD and it has minor hiccups that can be off putting, such as:

Things like this have made me rage quit projects before (RIP Vylternia), but this time I'm determined to just go on ahead with completion. If I can't end up fixing this towards the final stage of production and no scripter wants to help, fuck it. Or I'll just port the game to VX Ace and never finish it.

Anyways, yeah , that's all I got right now. I'll try and post more updates that are hopefully more coherent and informative but we all gotta start somewhere, right?

Anything that ends up being shitty is Arks fault.


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