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Adventure, Horror, Psychological
Demo Length
Around 2-4 hours (depending on how long player will wander)
Current Progress
Approximately 70%


Protagonist of the story - whose name we're not granted to know - finds herself in desolate, endless city. Not remembering anything about herself, nor knowing how she ended in this place, her only choice is to wander around town in hope of finding a way to escape. On her journey she finds certain clues, slowly leading her to an answer of what this city is and most important - who, or rather what she really is.

As mentioned in summary above, this game’s story takes place in endless city, which player has to explore in order to find new clues. Concept of the game was somewhat based on “Yume Nikki”, when it comes to wandering and exploration part. However be aware that instead of having many small, yet diversed maps, you walk around big city in which it is almost sure that player will get lost. Because of that it is advised to play this game only if you consider yourself patient enough and able to immerse yourself with the story.

For these who just want to go for the story, without experiencing feeling of being lost, and immersing themselves into atmosphere of the game, I wrote a pretty much spoiler-free walkthrough with few additional instructions. It pretty much only tells where events are located. Hope it’ll help:


In game we take control over nameless female protagonist. Story revolves around slowly figuring out who she is. Because of that, there is no further need to describe her.


Completely custom graphics and art

Two levels of difficulty: easy - turning Intuition on, which tells player where next crucial event is, and normal - where player wanders completely blindly, without any hint of where next clue is

Multiple endings (yet to implement)


Victor Sant

Matthias Verbinnen
Zip Zipper
Digital System
Nbs Dark


Latest Blog

Spontaneous update

I'll keep this one short. First of all, I have no ground-breaking or crucial announcements today. Game development is going slow as always, because of usual reasons (work, family, spending time on drawing various stuff, other activities etc). I'm kinda tired of making excuses, so I decided to just stop. But anyway, that's not the main point of this post.

I was lately talking with one of the fans of the game and along our discussion, I suggested him that if he wants, I can post updated version of the game. There ain't that much of new content, but it's always something and perhaps will give him a bit better insight on what is what, what is going on and generally some answers for more and more "whats" that this game offers. So... anyone interested can find updated version in Download section.

Oh, beside new content I also made few small corrections in previous parts of the game. These are nothing big and I don't remember anymore what I changed, but I wanted to write about it anyway.

So, that's all. Cheers!
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  • RPG Maker VX Ace
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  • 06/17/2013 05:54 PM
  • 12/01/2016 04:22 AM
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Heh, thanks! I'll correct these right away :D
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
in relation to my last comment if any one would upload a save file(since this site does not support attachments)
that has all the clues up until right b4 the choice that leads to end 1(bright hallway)
id appreciate it
i really dont want to start from the beginning again tho it would be faster then it was the 1st time around
Well, if that's all you need, I can prepare that for ya. I'll give you some notice or anything later.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
Thx for the save
but ignoring the suspicious cloud 7 that comes with the download link
im having the original problem i had when i 1st tried to download it

The version of this file is not compatible with the version of windows you are running.check your computers system information to see whether you need a x86(32bit) or x64(64-bit) version of the program,and then contact the software publisher

which does not make sense at all as i have windows 7 64bit x86 which was not even one of those options!

maybe another download it will randomly work like last time XD
i tried running the file in different compatibility too O.o

We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
ok i decided to play this more today as i want to get to other games
but 1st some dislikes which arent things to be changed just things i dont liek generally speaking

Negative thoughts on the game/concept

when you attempt to go to sleep
and your character starts raging
that bothered me your a god tho you apparently have no power other then being immortal far as the game tells you
so being as old and mature her getting angry and swearing over that felt out of place
of course i understand she has amnesia which i also think i god should not get unless she did it to her self for some reason

that you carry around a sword but it seems to have no purpose
is she....planning on killing herself or something?

i dont really like dark things
a little is ok but if rape,torture and such is involved thats a major turn off to continue the game
even tho some people think it does not matter because they are fictional
im quite aware of that but it does not mean i should or have to except it
people who do are pretty much capable of doing those things since they are able to see them as good or okay

rather then mention obvious scenes which the above would entail ill end here

dont take that personally was not directed at you the maker just my personal feelings/morals and such

question plot
if shes unable to see her people then how was she able to meet the girl like her and those people that despised her? im assuming this was the past

Grammar fixes

in the "mask" world after you have gotten the mask go to the room thats 1 room right of your starting bed with the mask on he says
i think im the wisest of all people here
add "the" after all

to the left of starting room with mask
being mother is so hard
add "a" before mother

to the area right of the starting position 1st door
my what a pleasant weather we have today
delete the "a" as the weather is not a object it sounds odd

next room to the right
there is nothing better then drink after work...
add "a" before drink

after leave city and your in a room with a big mask
i dont know whenever this loneliness is better or worse...
change whenever to whether as she is referring to a choice rather then time

in the huge dark room on the next floor up the guy by the door/portal
my,what a surprise to see a conscious bing here, in Void
2 things since void is not the name of a city or something or at least it was presented as much should add "the" before void
also its not a person,place,or company so it should not be capitalized

-guh this part... sigh...here goes...circus gonna need to puke after..
An untamable being,which inly we were able to captive!
change captive to capture
captive emans she is held its nto a action
capture is a action which is what they are doing

after clockwork leaves in room with snow
Girl who doesn't really stand out.
just ass "a" before girl

next paragraph
I guess they wanted to check out for how much they can let themselves."
honestly this entire sentence does not make sense

few more paragraphs same scene
they wanted to satisfy their urges on here
change on to "with" or after urges say "by using her"

next para
the word surrounding add a "s" to it

the noble girl after the 1st full conversation(is she missing eyes or using glasses?)
i will probably stay up for long,anyway
after for change to "a while" or " a long time"

when your leaving her mansion
she says these
2 paragraphs in a row it should be "those"

after big eye scene in small room
he wanted to discuss his plans for upcoming school year with me.
just add "the" before upcoming

same scene
but at what cost? cost of happiness and freedom.
remove cost of and have it as happiness and freedom and change the . to a ?

same scene
but they will realise

same scene
but she finally get a chance to change her world
change get>got
debatable but change her>the a person cant exactly own a world

same scene
trying to make place like this.
add "a" before place

after the...betrayal part
small room with blood
why did this had to happen?

when you find the world end ecene
this time i didn't even managed
just take out the d
^b4 this one consider taking out the wont in give up looking for a way to save the world

salmones note scene
now im just a stranger for her.

the Record of Apocalypse scene-kill this douche off telling a god what to do!
where shes talking about wanting to create a better world
the second and 3rd world need "a" before them

same scene
problem in humans nature is they tend to expect something in return.
add "the" before problem

same scene even president noticed your certain strenght
same para Tyrannical*

next pare others*

start of the whole scene
why did you left your diary their?!

back to where i was same scene
then they'll realise how

once your in the small room still in event
how did i brought end of that world...?
^the whole sentence fix!

fl6-after a really annoying search!
the pink haired girl
Who am i? that hardly even matter.

floor 6 need make it easier to find the goal here, areas WAY to huge and worse it loops! and adding to the the targets moving!? come on now!

well after finally finished the grammar checks im tired now
the story lost any lvl of sense wondering whats the pasta nd whats the present is their even a present? O.o
i dont care for a act 3 im done with this game lol
i already know the world sucks from life experience the game just makes me feel even worse as fiction is supposed to make a person feel better :(
Well, I'm quite aware that this game may be quite chronologicaly confusing (not only confusing in that way tho). It's so, because I also want to make people think, try to figure stuff out while playing this game.

As for things that you find unclear, let me explain it for you. Spoiler Magic, commence:
About part where protagonist rages about how she's unable to fall asleep. You see, you seem to perceive god as entity similiar to christian God. In such case, it would indeed be strange that godly being acts like that. Instead, you should think about her as being similiar to gods from Greek's mythology, where despite being gods, they had human mentality, and human traits overall. Remember that before becoming god, she was just usual young girl. This also makes amnesia possible. Amnesia on the other hand explains whole struggle to go to sleep - together with finding out that it may be solution (which covers first act).
As for the sword - you may have not noticed that this very same sword protagonist wields was also in Princess' hand in the final entry. This sword in fact is hm... catalyst for creation of new world - necessity for 'making eye shut'.
Answering plot question - basically all entries from act II are from the past. These happen in chronological order, which makes first event - Cinderella one - happening furthest in the past. Events from first act happen some time after act II, while act III shall take place right after finishing act II. Also, you could've realised that Sophia from act II is not a god yet.

This should hopefully make some things clear.

It saddens me that you don't care about act 3 and that this game made you feel bad. However you should know, that stories like that ain't build from nothing. To convey certain feeling of dread, one must first know about it. Also certain ideas, philosophy etc. also doesn't happen out of nowhere. I hope you get my drift. If not, then let me tell you straight. Cruel stuff happens to many of us. It depends on us if we will try to deal with them and how will we do that. This game is not really some random story, but rather depiction of how my perception of world was changing over the time and with what was I struggling.

Geez, this sounds so dramatic... XD
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
i deleted the game but i uploaded ma saves to my 4 shared account which i have like 175-180 days b4 it gets deleted
so if the full game is made with in that time then ill consider p3
despite being a fairly depressing game it is still interesting in its own ...cant find a word so well use respect :D

also since the games kind of open exploration(ignoring the help)
i wont do a full play thru for it i just did a quick 5 minute vid on youtube showing the end of act 2 and all the clues :3
and a link to here in case they want to try it :D
ill stay subbed for further developments
i still need to let mr manly know since hes doing a full lp
Yeah, I've seen ur vid already actually. Also 180 days? That's like half year XD. Well, who knows... maybe I'll finish it till then.
Dream big, expect nothing
Wow this looks really nice! Are you making this for the All Hallows event?
Unfortunately no. Idea for the game came many years ago. It just so happened that this game appeared here around that time.

However still I'd like you to try it out for yourself. It's not really that much of horror game, but there were few positive reviews :P
I want to download this when it's at 100%. I saw a walkthrough of the demo and was very intrigued. This game brings up many deep issues about isolation,how people treat each other,social facades, and personal perception.
Well, full version won't come out too soon as new family issues - if I can call it like that - shall arise soon, which will most probably absorb my time for few years even...
Well, full version won't come out too soon as new family issues - if I can call it like that - shall arise soon, which will most probably absorb my time for few years even...

I can be patient. As they say, good things are worth waiting for! No pressure. Do what you can when you can.
I'm definitely going to make a video of this =D This game looks fantastic and hopefully the video can help this game get seen ^__^
BrokenH - Thanks! Words like that are what keeps me going with this game.

TheUnproPro - Heh, I'd like to see it, when you'll be done with it. If you'd need any help or smth considering gameplay, feel free to ask :D
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.

a playthru by ManlyBadassHero
since i myself dont feel like it it was a great experience dont get me wrong but its its a "open exploration type its better to play it your self but if you dont wanna watch ^ :D
Subscribed and I will wait, like you suggested in your blog, for your next release. Then I will test that when it comes out. After reading all the comments here and the game info you have, I think this might become one of my favorite indie games. Maybe it will even help me out with my own Psychological Horror game. :D
Glad to hear that. However have in mind that if you're willing to wait for full version, it will take some time.
Okay, just downloaded the game. I will be spending the whole day playing this game or until I finish it, whichever comes first. Not only that, but I will be getting my pen and paper out and writing everything down that needs to be worked on, that way it can be refined and all that good stuff :)
Alright, I just played it or what I could play of it. It would only let me play the first act. And reading the previous comments, it makes it sound like there is at least 3 Acts. Anyway, here are the things I've noticed so far. I will do the things needing Fixing first, Ideas second and my Overall Comments, last.

  • Splash Screen with the warning.It's not long enough and I couldn't read it all. In fact I kept starting the game over to just read that, but gave up after a few times. Also, of what I could see about the warnings, it seemed moot since I didn't see any of those in the game. Maybe it's in the later Acts of the game.
  • Tutorial.Spelling fix - "For a better gaming experience, play in dark, with your headphones on." ---> "...play in the dark..."
  • Getting Map.- Not sure, but I think I saw "U..." instead of "You..."
  • Princess Girl Cutscene"However,she was forbidden from leaving the tower, as if she would leave a throne room and there would be noone to watch over the kingdom, it would go to ruin." ---> "...leave the throne..." , "...would be no one..." , "...then one time..." not that --- "ran" down the stairs, not run. "to" not into ruin.
    "...no matter how long she walked around..." --- "...giving up on all her hope..." --- "from once again..."
  • Sophias Diary.- "I can't take it anymore. No matter how long I try, I just can't fall asleep. I give up on trying. Perhaps, the only kind of sleep I can have, is that of the dead ones..."
  • Stairs in Tower.- If you try going back down the stairs, you glitch into the stairs and can't move. GAME BREAKING
  • What kind of world are you wishing for?- "They may love each other, they may sometimes hate each other, but they would always bethere for each other..."
  • Clues Descriptions- Mirror - "Showed me what I..."
  • Dude in White Room (Street 19)- "...why did I have to end like this?"
  • Scene With a Guy after "I love you" message- It won't let me continue following him after this. Maybe I need something. I'm not sure.

  • Map - It would be nice to press Q to exit map also, instead of having to press Enter.

||Overall Comments||
*In Game Menu Screen is really cool!!
*The stairs in the game look real awesome with how you can walk up on them,
*Good art!! Cool!! There's a map!!!
*Really, really, really good art work!!!
*Awesome music!!! It fits the games atmosphere!!
*Cool and Creepy Storyline, so far!!! Really liking it a lot!!
*Really love the idea of the intuition!!
*The game has replay value!! I already wanna play it again!! (written 8 hours after I finished it...lol)

Well, I'll continue testing it later, if I can find a way to talk to that one dude. I played on easy, so maybe I have to play on Normal. I'm not sure.
I'll wait for the next version update you have. :D