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Take Down: A History

  • Dudesoft
  • 03/17/2011 09:43 PM
It all begins at the dawn of time... The cradle of life... Yes, 1997. Squaresoft unleashes game after game, champion Hideo Kojima's Solid Snake opus begins to thrive, playstation and nintendo are neck and neck, and Silent Hill rolls into view. The world is ripe for a parody...

My best friend to this day introduces me to obscure game making software RPGMaker 95+. His family had satelite Internet, so he did all the downloading. I had to use the phoneline just to chat RP back then. Myfriend knew I liked drawing weapons, world maps, characters, and making up stories... So he brought me RM95+, and a new era in awesome was born. Yes, we started the Dudesoft 'company', our first in many Squaresoft parodies.

The following years was all about Dude's Adventure games (see: The Quest of Dude blog). This was what would become the groundwork of Take Down. When Kingdom Hearts came out, I was both amazed/in love, and at the same time GREATLY disappointed. Why 'just' Disney and Final Fantasy? What a waste of a great concept! And so, determined to do it 'right' I began making a game. It would be a more standard RPG except that NPCs would come from any media, and all the World's would be more open. There was just one major problem: I can't take anything seriously. Before Family Guy was even a thought, Take Down began slamming everything in wacky humor.

The first game, Take Down, was made during the early '00's when I still wasn't fully connected and had to basicly accept using RTP. The first to really show up online as a Dudesoft game was Take Down Legacy Ep-1. Set a year after Take Down's universe-shattering adventure.
What IS a Take Down? Why 'Take Down'? It makes no sense. When I started making Take Down, I had no answer for this. It was intentionally a dumb title like Kingdom Hearts. How does it make sense (spoiler) that Kingdom Hearts is a magical fairy door of light and dark...? No. Shut your gobhole... It DOESN'T. Thus I told my friend "Yeah it's called...... Uh, Take...Down."

When it came to deciding on a cast... I really never had before. It always came organically. In Take Down Legacy, it was a conscious decision to make fun of Digital World Roxas without making anything up: Enter Megaman.EXE.
Leon seemed like fun, because I could do sword tech, play with Gunblade creation, secret recipes to find, and I like his character... Waltz is an old Yahoo! Chat RP character, and a character from Take Down 1 to an extent. Zelda was added as a healer and because I wanted to Aeris kill her for hilarity.

This game ended up being a pet project of mine that just got bigger and bigger and bigger, until I decided... Okay, just release it! (thus the Remix version, more on that later).
That's all for now...