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  • 08/17/2013 05:19 AM

A Game Made By: Me-Patra
Created Using: RPG Maker 2003
It's A: RPG Game
That Roughly Takes Around: 45 Minutes To Complete

Talk about an overnight success story for the ages (that’s what good marketing gets you today, kids)!!! Pom Gets Wi-Fi was a little, first time project created by Me-Patra, a relativity new comer on the indie game making scene. What initially launched as a game that most people would usually pass on in favor of playing much more “cooler” looking games around here, thanks to the efforts of one famous YouTuber on the Internet (which name we will not speak of) doing a Let’s Play for this game, the entire foundation of the Internet soon got wind of this MASTERpiece (see? I can make silly dog puns too) and it soon became a major success story. (Not too shabby for a first game about a bunch of dogs centering around one’s quest to get some Internet access, right?)

But the question in the midst of all this overwhelming success is this: Does this game truly deserve all that praise or is it just another mindless Internet fad that will eventually get up and die in another week or so? Well, originally, I wasn’t going to even bother playing this game, seeing how Corfaisus pretty much summed up everything that was needed to be said. But since I haven’t reviewed anything in a while – and I’m also a major rabid dog lover myself – I just had to give this game a go and deliver a second opinion on the whole matter. Besides – this might be fun, afterall. ^^

Let’s us go get some Wi-Fi access for this poor, mangy obnoxious-ass of a mutt that I wish I could just kick over the fence like a miniature Nerf football.

The Story

I…I don’t even wanna…

In the middle of a suburban looking household as the sun begins to shine brightly and the birds are ever-so chirping, Pom, our Pomeranian heroine, awakens from her cozy slumber in anticipation of starting off a brand new day. And by that, I mean starting another day by checking up on her FaceWOOF, RedDIG, gTAIL and TumFUR accounts (you know, to keep up to date with all the current events). After fiddling around on her lapDOG for a while (cute), she doesn’t seem to notice – or even remotely care - that the room is suddenly getting all smoky and scorching. Shibe (or Sebastian as he is often known by), another dog who also lives with Pom, barks to warn her that the entire house is on fire and they need to both escape along with their master in order to get to safety. Pom doesn’t seem to realize what’s truly going on, as she’s too preoccupied with the clear, glistening screen in front of her. Shibe stays behind after escorting his master outside to get Pom out as well. But, alas, it was all for naught. Both of them are soon enraptured within the blaze and, thus, have perished in the fire.

How…suddenly dark this game has become. O_o

The next moment, as Pom and Shibe open their beady little eyes, they’re both astonished (well, more Shibe than Pom herself because she’s still completely oblivious to everything that is going on) to find out that they’re both in Doggy Heaven and, as one dog happens to put in this game, “YOU DEAD!!!” This leaves Shibe in utter disbelief while Pom…just simply doesn’t give two shits; she just wants her Wi-Fi back. And after having a PAW-to-PAW talk with Shibe about something decides to, literally, “Where Da Wi-Fi At?” And thus, the two begin to search for not only a way back home but also a place where Pom can finally get her much needed fix. And that just BEGS the whole question, “Does Wi-Fi really exist in a place like this?”

Judging at first glance about this game from afar, you can instantly tell that this game ISN’T meant to be taken really seriously. So if you’re looking for a story that is literally going to grab you by the gonads and never let go (ouch) – you ain’t gonna find one here! But in terms of an overall narrative, surprisingly, Pom Gets Wi-Fi is presented with a rather, well told story that can exactly be pretty amusing at times. It’s pretty unusual in itself to feature a game with all sorts of cuddly animals as the main assessment in this world, especially in this type of setting. But you know what, this game did it right and told a pretty creative, original tale that I surly did enjoy, especially whenever Pom manages to open up that big trapper of hers. I mean, the b**ch is literally CRAZY! I agree with Shibe; I can’t understand half the stuff she’s saying herself. But that’s just part of the charm about her character. Speaking of character, this game also has a lot of interesting personalities and likeable ones at best. This almost makes me want to believe that the game Nintendogs is similar to this one. And if it was – I buy that PUPPY in a heartbeat. Seriously, this is one great story that you will surely enjoy.


Despite being mostly aimed at being a comedy, the story also takes a few dark twists that, similar to Corfaisus’ review, makes me question the motive behind such a decision. I really didn’t have much a problem with most of these plot twists. But the one that troubled me the most is the bad ending to this game. Man…did that just come out left field or what??? I mean, I felt so bad for that one particular character and even more disgusted at what a jerk Pom can be. I mean, this type of ending sickened me more so and made me actually hate Pom as a character more than actually admire her. But, the good thing about this game is this: the game DOES feature an alternate ending to this crappy one. If you get the good ending, it does manage to put a much happier spin on everything and makes you feel quite satisfied, compared to the much darker one. Still, I think the story could have benefited a bit more by mostly focusing on it being a comedy than suddenly going all dark and gloomy towards the end like that; it really did more harm than actually help.

Even with all that aside, I still immensely enjoyed the overall plot and the many interactions with all the characters in it. It left me wanting more but at the same time feeling overly satisfied with the entire spectacle. Well done.

The Gameplay

D-Don’t ask me!

Pom Gets Wi-Fi plays more like a traditional adventure game involving various fetch quests but also throws in the occasional RPG turned-based battles as well. Most of these fetch quests involving you RETRIEVING something or completing certain objectives to move on to the next one. Most of these aren’t very difficult to complete or involve you using your brain a lot, but I wouldn’t expect any less from something of this sorts. The RPG battles, though, have you fighting against various enemies from the Doggy Heaven universe as you attempt to rein supreme. Most of these battles are incredibly easy. And the only way you’ll truly see the Game Over screen is if you fall asleep at the wheel or you’re just screwing around without yourself. Really – YOU CAN’T LOSE!!! Perhaps the greatest thing about the battles themselves is Pom’s general means of attacks. You see, she can’t really fight back herself physically, but decides to taunt or tell, get this, your momma jokes in order to do damage. These taunts and jokes are definitely really funny and clever, and it’s quite amusing to see how the enemies react to them. Other than Pom, Shibe also fights alongside her as well in some of the battles. But, man – he is sooooooooo useless he might as well be off just being de…

*cough* *cough* Moving on…!!!

Pom Gets Wi-Fi does play a lot similar like most RPG Maker games around here of the sorts, like Wither or, even a game I just reviewed a little while back, Pen Pals where you just do some random easter egg hunts and fight the occasion battle in order to complete the game. But I would like to think that this game handled the whole formula just as good or on par as most of those other games. While I didn’t think the RPG battles were extremely necessary because of how incredibly easy and simplistic this game was, it still was a nice touch. I would have liked to see more of the RPG battles utilized more in scope with more enemies to fight, a level-up system, and maybe having the ability to purchase recovery items, weapons and armor, you know, more like a traditional RPG would of. But I guess this sort of setup is fine for a game like this.

The Soundtrack


Pom Gets Wi-Fi uses a vast majority of RTP themed songs which, quite frankly, I haven’t heard in a long time as most games tend to stick to a more original themed soundtrack than use the default music that comes with the RPG Maker software; and I like to think that it was used rather well for this sort of game. That’s not to say that the game doesn’t have the odd sliver of its own music thrown in for merit. Outree, by Deco 27, is a fantastic short piece that does the ending theme rather nice justice and the song, Gymnopedie No.1, by Kevin Macleod (which you may remember hearing from Mother 3 towards the end of the game if you’ve played it) is a song that is widely known among most ambient and classical music fans (I even have the exact same track in my music library; it’s so soothingly calming). These pieces are nice and do fit for the rest of the game. The rest of the music isn’t as memorable as the others, but it does the job. As for the sound effects? Well – it’s mostly made up of RTP sounds just like the majority of the music too (which is just fine). Overall, a decent score that works rather well but isn’t as memorable as most soundtracks often do.

The Aesthetics

Your guess is as good as mine, Shibe.

I’m going to start off the bat and say that this game is, indeed, very colorful and striking to look at (which is a good thing). The custom chipsets fit the bill rather well. And most of the custom dog in-game sprites, except for Pom’s, looks great. I say most because, well, I find Pom’s main in-game sprite to look a bit…off-key. When I first seen her from a glance, I originally thought her in-game sprite was a funny looking squirrel and her battle sprite resembled more of a cat than an actual dog. I dunno… I guess that whole quirkiness just adds to the charm.

One thing I will praise about this game is the various artwork of all the different breeds of dogs that pop up during each in-game speech. You see, being a dog lover myself and owned a lot of different types of dogs over the years, I couldn’t wait to see if this game had a Border Collie or a German Shepard mixed Terrier portrait but, alas, this game didn’t and it made me feel quite sad (well, it DOES feature a Shepard in it but not of the one that resembles my dog). Either way, I absolutely dig the portraits, as they were all pretty impressive.

This game’s overall art style is like looking inside a child’s room; colorful, pretty to look at, and some funky looking wallpaper to boot! If there was one thing to complain about is that some of the in-house tilesets looked a bit too bland and I’m sure that the creator could have found / draw her own backdrop for the battle sequences. But, whatever, it’s a small complaint at best.

The End Result

Even the legendary Rainbow Road makes an appearance!!!

This is definitely going to irk and ruffle some feathers with the local boys at the old timers club but, I have to say, I definitely liked this game and enjoyed my time with this one, so much so that it left me wanting much more after I finished unlocking both endings. I understand why this game became so popular almost overnight, and it really does deserves it. I suppose, being an old timer myself, seeing a cultural shift in what is now the standard where it used to be that games like Wilfred The Hero, Hero’s Realm, Ara Fell, A Blurred Line and “The Way were the more popular, universal picks that most people should focus on making / playing being replaced with the more under an hour almost eccentric type of games, like this one, taking the reins and being the main spokesperson for everything that is RPG Maker, I suppose it might be difficult for some people to accept it. But then again, this is the Internet. And here on the Internet, some things really don’t make sense but then again some things do. I would like to think that this was one thing that the Internet got right for a change.

Pom Gets Wi-Fi may not be for everyone, or may never fully be quite understood why it got so popular in the first place, but I certainly enjoyed it. And I think you guys might all too.

(Stolen) Smexy Fan-Art Created By: Norphy

4 / 5 - B ~ Pretty Darn Good!!!


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You used my art without permission, could you credit me, please? ^^
Whoops – I HAVE BEEN CAUGHT, RED HANDED!!! *attempts to flee*

Sorry 'bout that. But sure – I'll credit 'ya. Just gotta fix this up...a bit, and THERE! All done. ^^

Now I can't be held responsible. :)
Thanks a lot man!
Nice review btw
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