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A Casual, Neat Little Time-Killer

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  • 01/24/2014 05:10 PM

the review in a simplified doge way. pic is from game.

Pom Gets Wifi is a comedic game, not necessarily innovative or new, but interesting nonetheless.

In this game, you play as the titular Pom, an internet-obsessed dog that carries around a laptop at all moments. She speaks in n00bsp3ak and acts like a slacking, lazy, a**hole dog who you can either hate or pity as you get further into the game.

The other main character is Shibe, the dog-bro with the same owner and home as Pom. He's good-natured, but lacks a spine and can be cowardly at times. He likes to follow around Pom and tries to advise her.

The premise is as follows: Pom is on her laptop one day, making stupid jokes about websites she looks at, when the house burns down. She wakes up in dog heaven, finds Shibe, and also finds that she has no wi-fi. They go on a quest to get wi-fi.

Now, generic description out of the way, here is the review:


The story is pretty good. Playing through both endings (I recommend bad ending first, good ending second) actually portrays a strong message. -Spoiler alert- In the bad ending, Pom ends up killing Shibe and causing dog heaven to plummet towards Earth. We're talking about loyal, good-natured, friendly dogs, so a dog willingly killing and along the way helping stalkers and making fun of many just for wifi makes a point.

In the good ending, Pom realizes that with her new-found godly powers, she can do anything she wants. She realizes that by trying to get wifi, she helped many dogs and did good in general, and that she still has the potential to do more.

I guess the story is silly, simple and hilarious, but it's also a little deep. I like the message, myself. You are wasting time laughing at things on the internet, but you still have the ability to do something productive with yourself.


The graphics are really good, I have to say. They're cute, easy to understand, vibrant and lovable. They're not super-HD, 3D, 1920x1080 resolution, but the pixelated, adorable style has got a certain charm.

The maps are small and easy to navigate, but just enough detail is put into them to make them interesting and eye-catching, but not overwhelming or barren.


Y-y-yep. Umm. The gameplay is incredibly boring and linear. It's an A-to-B game, mostly. You mostly just walk around, talk to dogs, talk to Shibe, and interact with things in general to progress forward. There are some battles scattered about, but losing is difficult unless you try. Battling consists of reducing enemy morale to deal damage, and attacks can be done once your "T" bar has charged up. I think that might stand for "Turn".

Gameplay in general is linear and boring. The game focuses more on story.


The soundtrack is nice. I admit the retro sounds don't fit the retro graphics, but it is nice. All the choices are good and fit the situations they are played in well.

I may be addicted to the attack sound. The sounds and music belong do fit their areas, but they don't belong in a retro game.


The game is short, sweet, very easy to play, and enjoyable. It's not amazing, it doesn't have any new gameplay concepts and it doesn't last long, but the story is nice, the graphics are amazing and it is a fun game over all.

For these reasons, I give the game a...