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Latest Version: 0.74

Super Pokemon Eevee Edition is a Pokemon game with a difference. It's a throwback to the second generation, featuring graphics from G/S/C, battle system from Final Fantasy and a story involving godlike entities, called hypervisors.

Gold, a rookie Pokemon trainer, is tasked to kill the hypervisors and stop the apocalypse. Helping him is his starter Pokemon, a special Eevee which has the uncanny ability to switch between evolutions at will.


Gold's with his Super Eevee set out across the region to beat the gym leaders, but things get complicated when he meets M, an entity who reveals the true nature of his world.
Six god-like entities, called hypervisors, which M is one of, control the world. The hypervisors have initiated a plan to reboot the game into the third generation. A generation with better graphics, expanded features and brand new Pokemon.
But it would come at a great cost....

The third generation brings with it, a new data structure, meaning the current generation would be incompatible. A total reboot would be required. Destroying the second generation to replace it with the third. This would mean the death of countless humans and Pokemon.

Now Gold must go on an epic quest to kill the five hypervisors, a quest to stop the coming of the third generation, a quest... to save the world.

This is his story.


  • Super Eevee
  • Retro Graphics
  • Active Battle System (ala Final Fantasy)
  • Epic Storyline
  • Crafting
  • Sidequests & Achievements


Latest Blog

Pushing Boulders

I've been playing a lot of Bloodborne, and what's really stood out to me, is the great way it does shortcuts. So I've added strength boulders for SPEE, but with changed functionality. Throughout the world of SPEE, you'll now see boulders sticking on ledges. You can push these boulders from the top to open up a permanent path.

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I finished the demo version. Can't wait for the next update!! So i'm just training my pokemon now. I was in the arcade shop which has all the game machines. For every game u play u earn some credits so i was wondering what r v supposed to do with the credits. I thought v could cash those credits at the arcade shop for some stuff but there was no one behind the counters of the arcade. Can i use these credits somewhere else? Also when i open the map it shows some red X's and a place with a moving red circle. What does that mean?
And also is there a way to obtain more rare candies?? I sort of used all my candies in leveling up my pokemon and dint save any for using as bait for the corrupted pokemon. I wish v could buy more rare candies at the pokemart atleast.

Thanks, hopefully you won't have to wait long for the next version.

Arcade- Yeah, i've been meaning to put people behind the counter.

Map- The map is sorta dynamic, in that, if you reach an area which is blocked (by a cut tree, cracked rock, or other stuff) it'll show as a red X on the map, showing you can't progress past there. Once you get an axe/pickaxe or do the required stuff that makes that area passable, then the red X will automatically dissapear showing that you can travel there.

The red circle is your current destination. It's kinda buggy and doesn't always work as intended tbh.

Berry trees sometimes have rare candies. You won't have to worry about them in the next version, as im removing the bait spot corrupted pokemon. They'll just appear as normal corrupted pokemon waiting for you.
I can't wait any longer!!! Plz plz plz update soooon!!! :) :D :D :D :D :D :D
I'm dying to play this!!!
I love EEVEE!!!! <3 <3 <3
I don't comment much on anything, but this game is one of the most interesting Pokemon games I've seen. At least RPG Maker wise. I find the story and commentary in the beginning pretty funny and interesting. Good to know you're still working on this. I love this game, it's the most complex of the Pokemon games I've found, and I'm pretty sure my girlfriend will love this game too.
I really love this game, the history is very well written!
CanĀ“t wait for the new release!!!!

Thanks for creating it!!
How much longer do v have to wait???? I'm getting impatient!! :P
How much longer do v have to wait???? I'm getting impatient!! :P

0.74 has been out since December, 0.75 is coming out in march :)
Self-proclaimed Puzzle Snob
Whoa. This looks surprisingly great. Subbed.
hey, great game, cant wait for the next update , can you tell me how to evolve traded evolution pokemon...my kadabra level 31
I've tried so many 2d indie RPGs and so many fan made Pokemon games, but this one tops every fan Pokemon game and almost all the other 2d indie RPGs I've played. This is exactly what I wanted to see from official Pokemon games. A fresh spin on a battle system, multiple Pokemon fighting at once, an ATB battle system, trees to upgrade items, equip slots, Pokemon don't lose moves, Eevee can devolve and evolve at will.

Eevee is still my favorite Pokemon to date and you've ensured that it always will be with this game. I hope that, not only do you finish this, but you also upgrade the systems in place and make a second installment of this wonderful gem of a game. I do have one suggestion for a second installment, instead of just giving a pokemon all the moves, maybe a move tree based on levels. Keep up the amazing work. Any fan of Pokemon, new or old, should play this at least once.

EDIT: The only reason I signed up for rpgmaker.net is to add my input on this game. I've NEVER done that for another game.
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